Sunday, September 27, 2009


So I want to blog. I miss blogging. I keep thinking of things to blog about, or at least trying to. I've lost that up-beat, slightly sarcastic, poking-fun at myself but still entertaining tone that I used to have. It's been gone for about 11 months. Wow, it's actually gone by fast.

There's not a whole lot going on. Eric is still insistent on the divorce. It should be finalized in the next month or so. I kept hoping he'd change his mind but I really doubt that's going to happen. I quit praying for it just because I doubted it so much. Oh me of little faith. I know GOD has the ability to do anything and can soften the hardest heart. And HE still can. So I'll start praying. That our marriage is restored? I don't know. After it's final I won't remarry Eric unless he were to make GOD the center of his life (if the subject ever came up which I doubt it will :P). But that at least Eric realize there is someone who loves him way more than anyone on this earth can.

Work is there. I went to San Francisco with Dr. for the California Dental Association. We had a lot of fun, I learned a good bit and we went to see King Tut! Very cool! We're trying to get some people to help me, but now we have so many people that it's an even bigger mess. We have two high school volunteers who are just trying to pad their resume. They're seniors, though, so I'm not sure how much good it will do them. One is doing special stuff in the front. Another is an intern from a dental assistant who wants back. So I'm switching somewhat to front when she's there. If she stays. She's a single mom with two kids.

The girls are doing well, what I see of them. ClaireBeth is really enjoying school and going to a birthday party on Tuesday for one of her really good friends. ZoeBel and VeeZee are doing really well in preschool. They're both doing very well with the stuff they should be learning. ZoeBel is doing basic addition. VeeZee is counting and as long as she's counting something she does okay. Mainly I love that Meemaw and Papi love all three girls.

So that's about it. We've had a lot of friends move recently, but we've been spending more time with family. One of my best friends comes back from deployment next month. I have a cat who loves me, even if she's not that into the girls (can you blame her-just kidding!). But yup. That's about it. I've missed you guys and hope everyone's well!