Thursday, June 24, 2010


Where to start? Well, let's start with the phone call that began it all. ~My mother-in-law (ex, really, but still; we'll just call her Andrea)~ Andrea calls me up and says that my step-sister-in-law can't bring the girls out and how would I like to take a vacation. Really, how can you turn down being a taxi/chaperon for your own kids? Mainly Eric wasn't answering his phone and Andrea wanted to buy the tickets. Since Dr. had decided to take a few days off (and wasn't going to offer vacation pay or anything) I figured why not. So after a FULL day of work and ClaireBeth's last day of 2nd grade (she's gettin' so BIG!) we drove down to San Diego for a 2300 flight. Thankfully nonstop. After almost getting a ticket (stupid 18 inch rule) and ridiculous lines (it was 2300 on a Wednesday-seriously!!!) and the computer not showing that I'd paid $23(!!!) for the girls' suitcase we boarded. The flight wasn't bad and we only had two meltdowns (which was way less than COULD have happened (and I'm using a lot of parenthesis :))). After exploring the moving walkways at the Cincinnati airport we found Gee (Andrea) and Auntie Yelle. Or Auntie Daniel. Take your pick.

So now we're up to about 0630/0700 on Thursday. We go home and veg for a bit. Gotta love Nick Jr and Playhouse Disney. Gee fell asleep and somehow Auntie Yelle and I end up in the pool with the girls. So some background: ClaireBeth's been a fish since she went out to Gee's on her third birthday and they pretty much threw her in and said "Don't drown". All good. ZoeBel will sit on the steps. And VeeZee won't get anywhere near the pool; loves baths and showers but no pool. So they're each doing their thing, VeeZee's in because one of us (usually Yelle) is carrying her. Then ZoeBel leaves the steps. YEA!!! We eventually get out and go shopping, do chores around the house. Whatever. Except I get to ride the riding lawnmower!!! Oh my ponies, it was SO FUN!!! Of course Andrea had me start with the super hilly, tree infested front yard, but it was still AWESOME! Yes, I know I'm weird. It's okay. "God made me special and He loves me very much."-the Bob. During the course of the work Andrea is cleaning out the garage where the dogs stay. Polly, a gorgeous German Sheppard that's been in the family since 1989 has been declining lately. While brushing her Andrea notices how thin she's gotten. So Andrea calls the vet and took Polly in to be euthanized. I offered to since she was going to wait for her husband (who's working in Louisiana) but she wanted to do it. After she returns we get back in the pool where ZoeBel puts on muscles. She's avoided these like the plague for as long as I can remember. Next thing I know she wants to jump off the diving board! She gets up there and decides she's not ready. It's okay. Then she runs and jumps off! I've been so afraid this girl was NEVER going to swim!!! I'll gladly pay for muscles (at least this summer; 6-years-old is a little old for those).

Friday Andrea has to go to work so Yelle, the girls and I go to visit Grandma Peach and Grandpa Kenny. I had two conditions when I agreed to go. I wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa and Unkie John and Auntie Julie if they wanted to see me. I talked to them first and told them they didn't have to see me if they didn't want to and the girls would always be available for them. So off to Ludlow Falls we go. We were only a little late (the sun sets SUPER late there-like 2130-so you don't go to bed until like 2230 and I overslept for like the first time EVER). Lots of talking, laughing and eating later we head home so Yelle can go to work.The girls and I clean the house and when Gee gets home we head to Auntie Yelle's ice cream stand. Very Yum. That night one of Andrea's sisters (there are 3 guys and 5 girls) and her daughter and HER daughter come spend the night. And we have pizza! And of course there's swimming in there somewhere, too.

Saturday 2 more sisters and a brother and his awesome wife (the aforementioned Unkie John and Auntie Julie) come over for a barbeque and swimming. I totally fry! It's still itching. Then movie night-The ToothFairy. Actually pretty cute :) We were going to go see Toy Story 3 at the drive in but it was super late. It started at like 2115, though the second feature was Prince of Persia. *sigh*

Sunday comes and Yelle and I take the girls to the sprayground, where I discover that I don't have my driver's license. I'd recently lost my military ID (which is irreplaceable since I'm no longer a dependent but I'd been using it since the girls don't have theirs yet) and had stolen a card carrier from ClaireBeth who stole it from her 6-year-old auntie Alex. Nonetheless somewhere between checking in Wednesday at the airport and Sunday morning I'd lost my license. I had everything else except that. I give up. So we leave the sprayground earlier than we expected so I could look for it at home. The worst part is I'm supposed to leave on like three hours! I already don't want to come home. And of course it's no where. I call the airline who says I'd need to get there even earlier than usual. I throw everything (ALMOST everything-I still can't find my bathing suit bottoms. Or my driver's license) into my bag, leave the house a HUGE mess and run to the airport. Where they let me through with my Sam's club card, which I was only carrying because it had been with my driver's license when I put everything in my wallet and I decided not to bother taking it out. So it doesn't take any extra time at all. The only downside is Yelle is waiting for me to let her know I got through (in case I didn't) and I hadn't been smart enough to put her number in my phone. We actually call Andrea at work at the same time to get each other's numbers. After landing and spending a kazillion dollars in Salt Lake I make it back to San Diego-where we sit for 15 minutes before we get to a gate. Mama and Pops pick me up (his first time on airport duty-haha!) and we gp to their house. And Bed! Then off the next morning to get my new driver's license. The adventure never ends.

Monday, June 21, 2010

ZoeBel's 5!!!!!

Hmm, I should have written this last week. I'm hard pressed to remember everything we did for her birthday.

I can't remember if we started on Wednesday. I feel like we did something, just can't recall. Aren't I a wonderful mama?

Thursday (her actual birthday) she choose yogurt for breakfast. So we had yogurt and candles. Except I couldn't find a lighter so she pretended to blow out the candles :P. After ClaireBeth was done with school Eric picked all of the girls up and took them to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate with Bree's family. They had a great time and I didn't have to suffer the horrors of Chuck E. Cheese. Definitely win/win!

Friday we got her pictures taken. Just don't comment on her dress! We generally pick out something that morning but we'd helped with ClaireBeth's field day at school so we were running late. We had time to go to one store. Since I knew-and wasn't impressed with-what they had at WalMart and Target and the mall didn't open until the same time our appointment was we ended up at Ross. Which can be hit or miss. It was a miss. But we got a good one. We did a few other things; again I can't quite remember. I know I'm horrible. Then came the big festivities. ZoeBel also graduated from preschool on the 11th. We invited my parents and grandmother and planned to have ZoeBel's favorite dinner (pizza pockets) and strawberry cake afterwards. Except with all the running around we ran behind. When we left to take her to school for the ceremony I hadn't even made her cake yet, let alone started dinner. We ended up with Little Ceaser's (thanks to Mama and Pops). While I was making the cake after the ceremony the other big people took ZoeBel to shop for her birthday presents. After dinner we, including the delightful Miss Francesca from upstairs, sang Happy Birthday and dug in, at which point ZoeBel tells me she doesn't like strawberry cake. Nice. My friends came over a little later to celebrate with us and we ended up talking until like 2 am.

And last but not least we went to see Shrek Ever After in 3-D. I honestly couldn't tell you if it was Saturday or Sunday though. And of course the next week we were off to Ohio. More to follow...