Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Getting Married!!!

Okay, so I know everyone thinks this is fast. And it is. We'll be married two months after we became a couple. We were going to wait a little longer, but you take what you can get...more on that in a moment. We don't have everything figured out. Yes, we realize this. Please don't think we haven't noticed. But we want to be a family. We don't want to live together before we get married. We want to serve GOD as husband and wife. And there's nothing that can't be figured out with HIS help, which sometimes means HE lets us fall, picks us up by the back of the suspenders, beats the dust off and sets us back on our feet and other times means HE knocks our socks off with wonderful surprises.

"How did this come about?" you may ask. One of my almost sister friends is flying out in a few weeks. Like less than two, actually. Most of my friends moved away last year. Yesterday I was thinking it might be nice to have her here for the wedding. Except my Pops is doing three weeks of job training and we didn't think he'd make it back before she left. At which point we realized that after he came back at the end of this training he was leaving again for six months. Now most people would tell (and have told) us to wait until then. But since when have Justin or I ever done anything the easy way? Now add us together! So we decided on September 3rd this morning. Which is less than four weeks away. Yea!!!

Actually so far we have it coming along. We have my and the girlies' dresses. Mine is way more cupcakey than I ever would have thought. It's not the one I wanted but apparently David's Bridal sucks. Yes, I did just say that. I was looking at a very simple white bridesmaid's dress. Which won't be in until the end of October. It might come in earlier, but no guarantees...As I think about the dress I bought I start to worry. Hmm, I might have to have someone see me in it and tell me whether it's okay or not. I can be a major worrier sometimes. The problem is that if a dress isn't in stock a lot of places take a while to get the it ordered, time I don't have. And since I'm not a size 2, 4, 18 or 22 they don't usually have my size. Anyone want to help me with my dress??? We just need to get Justin clothed and all of us shod.

We have a location, date and time and sent out save the date evites. It didn't work out quite as I had hoped/planned, but I can deal. Or we'll see if there are any appointments for ceremonies when we go to get our marriage license. Whatever. Justin's dear brother is letting us get married at their place; they actually got married there last September. Hmm, I wonder what next September will bring for Justin's younger brother? I have most of the guests figured out and will hopefully print the invitations in the next day or so. Then I just have to actually get them mailed! The photographer's set, as is the music. At this point they're with Justin's people so I'm hoping I can not have to do anything about either. My fantastic cousin has offered to help with the reception and I think I've decided what to do for dessert-I'm not big on cake. Except I'll probably have to ask Justin. He's currently out cold and I'm wide awake-total role reversal.

Well, no matter my excitement the dishes still need to be washed and laundry folded. So I guess I'll sign off and talk to you soon!