Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh My Goodness, I've Missed Y'all!!!

So. I started blogging again to log my experience with Plexus Slim for 6 weeks. In general I feel great. I eat less. I do a lot better than I used to with cravings, though I have been slipping. My exercise hasn't been what I want it to be. My fault. I've been lazy. I'm down a pants size since I started, from a 10 to an 8 for the most part. I haven't been taking full advantage of the Slim, though. IT IS A TOOL!!! Not a magic pill (or drink!). And, at week 5, I wish I had taken better advantage of it. I was pretty burnt out from the last 4 months, though. I DO want to continue for one more month, but am not sure if I'll be able to. Summers are hard pay-wise, between no pay in July or, if you're lucky and pick up summer school and VERY short month, camps for the girls and life in general. And unfortunately that's when I chose to start Plexus. In general I would have bought an extra month's worth earlier in the year. As an "ambassador" and with shipping and handling it is still 75 cents less than an iced coffee every day. And while I have been drinking more coffee since I quit soda, it is still more affordable than most of our habits. I just need to get rid of the coffee one ;)

So where have I been? I had a hard week. And then it felt like a huge burden to catch up. So I avoided it. Yes, I know I said I was working on that. Well this is me working on it. As I was blogging I started adding more personal stuff to it. And I honestly don't know if anyone outside of Sarah Dean (Hi Sarah!!!) is reading. But it feels nice to write, though it is obviously not one of my gifts. And that's okay. It is fun. Does this stay fairly impersonal? Yeah, to an extent. I'll talk about menstrual cycles and mammos all you want. Or more of I keep the really personal stuff in, as we all do.

So what have I been up to? I rearranged half the house. My cousin helped with the living room. I did my bedroom. I have my "office" in the bedroom. It was housed in a cheap, tall bookcase, whose addition necessitated the rearranging of my room (that and my bed against the windows wasn't working for me I don't care what the doctors say, it does make you sick...). So I moved my bed and two-ton dresser...at which point my bookcase snaps in half because it's, well, cheap! And I ended up not needing to change almost anything, but because I already had I wasn't moving it back. Crap's HEAVY! But my room is clean and my drawers are usable. It's been a while. 

My living room. It now has half the furniture in it. And it looks adorable!!! It's nice to come home!!! Mind you, we just did it last night. After a walk on the beach and a great dinner at Ruby's. Shirley Temples, BABY! Except not the cherries. I hate maraschino cherries...

My cousin and I have been working out. And she has a favorite saying. So I had shirts made for us with it on it. And since this started out about weight loss I'll show you the photo of me wearing them, 'cause I don't look as fat as I used to. The awesome Christina made these for us. Check her out. Large and small orders, anything you need customized. She also loves working out and her hubby is a great photographer :) 
The pink is Sarah's, she likes the formfitting tanks when she works out. Mine's the orange because I like the looser. But I'm wearing both in these pics.

So that's kinda it. Not all, I'm sure I've forgotten bits. That has been the hard part. There have been things that I wanted to share. I just couldn't bring myself to get on. And some of those may be lost forever. Were they important? No. But I got to "tell" my friends. Sheesh, I need a life! And it's only going to get worse with work and school starting again...