Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Claire's 6 today!

So today is ClaireBeth's birthday. 6 years ago (it was a Tuesday) I went in for an exam and the doctor told me I got to go to the hospital and have my baby. They had to induce, so it took 10 hours between getting to the hospital and having her. And the doctor was still almost late. Auntie Julie and my mom were in there, and a billion other people were waiting in the waiting room (big difference from Zoe and Vee where very few people came). Eric was at boot camp like 5 miles away and didn't get to meet her until Thursday. I called the chaplain to have them tell Eric and I got to talk to him. The chaplain even called while I was pushing and prayed for me. So at 1906 I had a 19 inch, 6 pound 1/2 an ounce baby girl named Claire Elizabeth. Last week she finished kindergarten at the top of her class in reading and up there for math. Apparently she has a problem with estimating. It's guessing. Where does guessing come into math? She loves swimming, reading, riding her bike and helping me with her little sisters. I took some pictures, but the computer I'm using doesn't have an xD slot. I'll see what I can do. We're in Ohio with a side trip to Tennessee until the 5th. I'll get some pictures up eventually.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have officially failed at potty training

Zoe's been having accidents lately, and I'm not really sure why. She's been day trained since February. Night training just hasn't happened. I thought I had her out of diapers until I slept through two nights in a row and she peed the bed both nights. So I broke down and got her a pack of diapers for nighttime. So I'm a little irritated with the whole situation right now. And being irritated, I want nothing to do with it. So tonight as they were getting dressed Ziggy said she wanted a diaper and that just made it even worse. I gave it to her and told her to put it on herself. And she did. She figured out to lay it out on the bed, sit on it, pull it up around her and open the tapes and then close them. So I am officially a failure at potty training. And she is scarily smart but irritatingly not potty trained. You'd think if she were that smart she'd just realize peeing on yourself is kind of gross.

Basic anatomy

I just had to explain nipples to my three-year-old. Her "What are these?" questions never cease to amaze me.

Since I was asked what I told her, I'll go ahead and post it. She was asking about her own, which are of course different from an adult females. I told her that when she was older she'd have breasts and then when she was like 30 and married and had a baby her breasts would make milk and it would come out of the nipples. After which she proceeded to tell me that she didn't want nipples. I don't necessarily blame her.


The girls and I leave for Ohio a week from tomorrow and I'm not ready. How does this stuff sneak up on me? I was hoping to have the laundry room and garage all cleaned out for poor Eric.

He doesn't get to come, he's got to work. And while I'm glad I get to go and excited to see everyone again, I kinda wish it was just the girls going. It was supposed to be, but then my mother-in-law called and said no one had met Vee yet. This is why you shouldn't have kids, especially cute ones,' cause then you have to show them off. Just kidding. But she had a valid point. ClaireBeth was, goodness, what? About 16 months I guess when we went out and she met everyone. Ziggy was 13 months and I was already pregnant with Vee. I tried to get Eric to take Ziggy out and pick up ClaireBeth that time but he said no. That was also the last time Eric, Ziggy or I went out. And Vee will be 17 1/2 months.

Which brings us to this year. I day trained Ziggy and she turned three. We were working on night time, but I honestly got tired of waking up twice a night. Sorry. Maybe in a few weeks, but that girl sleeps like the dead. The big girls were going to go with my mother-in-law's mother-in-law, who has let us adopt her and we call Grandma Net. I was a little worried about Ziggy and her behavior, but Grandma can handle anything-which is not the same thing as saying that she should have to. But alas, my two weeks with just Vee are not to be. However I do get to go to Tennessee to visit the family that used to watch me when my father made me go out there for 10 weeks every summer. And I do get to see everyone again. That I love. There are 8 siblings in the family and there's still one I haven't met. ClaireBeth has and she loves him and he seems to like her back, so that's great. Eric had given the impression that his uncle didn't necessarily like kids, but I have to take into account that Eric and his brother were probably pretty annoying as children if their current behavior is any indicator (mostly joking!). Then another sister moved to Tennessee somewhere. Grandma and Grandpa are there and they're great. So it will be fun.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Watch out!

Ziggy on the move! Look at ClaireBeth go!

Eric can't take them on his bike, but they might as well learn how to ride regular bikes. We went around the block a few times today. I got stuck pushing the stroller and Vee got stuck riding in it, but we still all had fun. And here's a pic of ClaireBeth since I don't have any on here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Eric has his motorcycle permit and in the process had to retake the driver's test too, since it's been so long since he took it last. He's upset they changed his picture. Gone from the system is the 16 year-old with bleach-blonde hair, Hawaiian shirt and shells and an even tan. Now it's a bald guy with a sunburn. Alas, aging can suck. He rode his bike yesterday; again while he was supposed to be at work; and put a whole 2 miles on it. He got up to 30 mph! The only bad part is he's not supposed to be riding on base and he was. Of course, why wouldn't he break the rules?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Eric's new bike

Well, Eric got a bike. Of course. It's a 2003 GSXR600 Alstare, which means it has a funny paint scheme. It's only got 3000 miles on it though and it was only $2000 more than what I'd asked him to keep it to and all the gear and taxes and licensing was included. He went when he was supposed to be at work yesterday. His Sr took him to the shop and the bike is now in Sr's garage. I didn't even know they were friendly. Eric has to take a 2 day course to be allowed to drive it on base (right now he can't ride it to get it home), but they'll teach him to ride it and the paperwork for his license, too. Now I just have to figure out where to park it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Congratulations Eric!

Eric was meritoriously promoted to Staff Sergeant (E6) yesterday. We never go, though some wives go to everything. One of his drill instructors from when he was in bootcamp pinned him. They ended up in the same shop a few years ago and stay in touch. So the Gunnery Sergeant drove down from Camp Pendleton to participate. The only thing is I never get pictures.

So now Eric's earnestly looking for a motorcycle. I asked him to wait until he hit SSGT. So now he's there and all I hear is "Babe, come look at this bike!" "This one's Kawasaki orange." "This one's been stretched 14 inches." "This one has twin somethings. It's got a higher number but it's low-end power so I don't think I'll kill myself trying to learn to ride it!" Honestly I thought we'd have another year or two before I had to deal with it. While Eric was good as a helicopter mechanic, he excels as a DI, which is why he got promoted. He probably would have been promoted next year anyway, but this is special.

So I'm off to clean, hoping that being the wife of a SSGT doesn't mean that the house has to be cleaner or I have to cook any better, but now at least I can hire a maid occasionally or we can go out more if I really want to!