Thursday, July 3, 2008

Congratulations Eric!

Eric was meritoriously promoted to Staff Sergeant (E6) yesterday. We never go, though some wives go to everything. One of his drill instructors from when he was in bootcamp pinned him. They ended up in the same shop a few years ago and stay in touch. So the Gunnery Sergeant drove down from Camp Pendleton to participate. The only thing is I never get pictures.

So now Eric's earnestly looking for a motorcycle. I asked him to wait until he hit SSGT. So now he's there and all I hear is "Babe, come look at this bike!" "This one's Kawasaki orange." "This one's been stretched 14 inches." "This one has twin somethings. It's got a higher number but it's low-end power so I don't think I'll kill myself trying to learn to ride it!" Honestly I thought we'd have another year or two before I had to deal with it. While Eric was good as a helicopter mechanic, he excels as a DI, which is why he got promoted. He probably would have been promoted next year anyway, but this is special.

So I'm off to clean, hoping that being the wife of a SSGT doesn't mean that the house has to be cleaner or I have to cook any better, but now at least I can hire a maid occasionally or we can go out more if I really want to!

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