Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Claire's 6 today!

So today is ClaireBeth's birthday. 6 years ago (it was a Tuesday) I went in for an exam and the doctor told me I got to go to the hospital and have my baby. They had to induce, so it took 10 hours between getting to the hospital and having her. And the doctor was still almost late. Auntie Julie and my mom were in there, and a billion other people were waiting in the waiting room (big difference from Zoe and Vee where very few people came). Eric was at boot camp like 5 miles away and didn't get to meet her until Thursday. I called the chaplain to have them tell Eric and I got to talk to him. The chaplain even called while I was pushing and prayed for me. So at 1906 I had a 19 inch, 6 pound 1/2 an ounce baby girl named Claire Elizabeth. Last week she finished kindergarten at the top of her class in reading and up there for math. Apparently she has a problem with estimating. It's guessing. Where does guessing come into math? She loves swimming, reading, riding her bike and helping me with her little sisters. I took some pictures, but the computer I'm using doesn't have an xD slot. I'll see what I can do. We're in Ohio with a side trip to Tennessee until the 5th. I'll get some pictures up eventually.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire! We miss you guys! See you soon :)


Beth said...

Happy Belated Birthday Claire!

She is such a great kid-I really enjoyed having her in my group for Sparks! :)