Saturday, October 26, 2013

So...Here It Is

I promised I'd be back :) We're adjusting to our new schedule. Or I am...and I guess Justin. His schedule at work is rather erratic, though it's a consistent erratic (does that even work?). Sort of. He's bummed because he wasn't hired at a place he was hoping to get hired at which would have meant a HUGE pay raise but no time to complete school. and HE'S GOING TO COMPLETE SCHOOL OR ELSE  *through gritted teeth*. Hmm, there might be some frustration there on my part... I recently started working at the before and after school program in our district, though thankfully only the before part. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless I sub for someone else and do an extra shift) I go to another school to noon duty (make sure the kids don't kill themselves or others during recess). I get off in time to get to the girls' school and pick them up-mostly. We'll see how parent teacher conference week goes when they get out early. And I missed Family Reading Friday (we get a new book and read to the kiddos at school), but God is providing for us and we're making it work :)

ClaireBeth is loving middle school. She has her classes (which she loves) plus she's doing year book, engineering club and going to the Christian club during lunch. She gets to do the Principal's page this year (that's HUGE!!!). And engineering club's first project is a robot. Her team is all the girls and they're planning on stomping the boys (no, I did not teach her that...). She's also going to youth group (Seriously? 6:30-8:30 every Tuesday? We're usually in bed by then!!!) and doing AWANA. I don't know how that girl has time to breathe...

ZoeBel-sorry, Zoe (she no longer likes the Bel)-is doing well. She is trying to start an art club during school. She's doing well in her academics. We had wanted a different teacher a little bit more (a guy teacher to see if that helped her behaviour here, she's always great at school...brat!) but God always knows better :) She has her and Vee's Kindergarten teacher and Mrs. Moody is just as amazing in third grade as she was in K. Zoe's behaviour we're still working on at home. Sometimes it's like a ray of sunshine and other times it's like the Wicked Witch of the West and the tornado all in one. She is doing AWANA (mainly because Justin and I go to small group and it's the same time and close by...) and she alternately loves it and hates it but she's doing well with it.

VeeZee is doing fantastic in Ms.Trotter's class. We weren't sure we wanted her there (some of her classmates, she's not with her best friend, little things like that) but again, God said "If you give her to me you have to trust me". And Vee is doing GREAT! She's the top for reading in her class. She's read 5,000 words in October since September. And this is the child who hated to read last year. She and her best friend have started a Dr. Seuss Club in our Family Reading Room at school (it helps that the lady who runs it is Miss T's grandma, but whatever. Gotta have connections ;) ). She's doing well at AWANA as well.

RachelLynn is hanging in there. Her teacher doesn't really need help and it's killing us because we don't get to be as involved in her school. She's doing AWANA down in Lemon Grove and she is playing soccer down there as well.

So that's an update :) I've missed you guys!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hi Honey, I'm Home!!!

Oh my goodness, I've missed blogging. It took me a long time to realize that. And there were multiple reasons I haven't. The girls' dad's wife tries to use it against us every time she takes us back to court or calls CPS (about once every six months). Justin uses Gmail and I have to remember my login for Google (which blogger is set up on). It's polite to capitalize and "ain't nobody got time for that", though I will attempt to remember for y'all's sake. But facebook isn't the same as really getting in touch with people, and no one ever bothers to pick up the phone, comes blogging! This isn't a long post since I should be cleaning the house and starting dinner. And posting resumes. And taking a shower. And probably three other things I can't remember since I can't gets post-it notes to work on the computer. But...I'll be back.