Thursday, August 2, 2012

What my husband likes me to wear...and NOT to wear ;)

No, nothing like that! (Though I won't mention that he REALLY likes boots with thin heels :) ). But make up. He just doesn't care. Really. If I ask (I know, you're not supposed to ask...) how I look I'll get a "You look nice". But I don't think he could care less. (which is sweeter than I got from Eric-"It smells funny"-really???) Perfumes give Justin a headache. I ran out and never bothered to get anymore, though I do miss it. And he says I look at him funny when I'm curling my eyelashes. Come on! We're usually in the car and talking. I'll just never turn to you when we're communicating. Is that better? (Yes, I'm being sarcastic, don't worry.) (And yes, I know I use parenthesis a ton! {and exclamation points!!!})

But something got through my itty-bitty, overloaded brain! Justin complimented my earrings! I don't know about you, but I am still lucky to get dressed. I gained weight and I have two pairs of capris. One needs a good amount of altering to look right and the other was thin, cheap material and there are now holes at the inner thigh. We have been so busy I've had to keep wearing both with no time to fix them. Shirts are hit and miss and we're not even going to talk about shoes. So jewelry is usually last on my list. And I'm lucky if I can find my wedding ring. So the realization that THAT was what he appreciated blew my mind. Don't know if I have any clue what I'm doing adding jewelry to what would already be a disastrous outfit banned by self-respecting mamas everywhere that do not live in yogas and tanks with bra straps showing or pyjama pants and ratty, oversized t-shirts. But it's worth it :)