Saturday, August 15, 2009

Most Difficult People To Deal With

This was sent by one of my favorite people in the world. She has been a great mentor and source of love for years.


I am sure that you had encountered some people whom you find most difficult to deal with. Perhaps this reminds you of someone as you read this. Your problems with them are not really due to how they are, but rather due to how you respond to how they are. People are different. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you learn their "language" to communicate. Learn to deal successfully with difficult people, and you learn valuable lessons about yourself. People are the way they are. Get past the need to try to change them, past the need to judge or condemn, and look for the value they offer. If you happen to pray for them, do not pray that they would be changed. Rather, pray that you would be transformed so that you will discover hidden value in them, and that you learn how to deal with them. In every difficult person you encounter, make a point to look past the difficult part and focus your attention on the person part. So, we can conclude they are your teachers! Through their difficulties you see things within yourself. And it takes courage to view yourself through them. But the rewards exceed the overcoming the fear.

"The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord test the heart." (Pv 17:3)

Walk with the King and be a blessing!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sometimes It's Not Fun Being A Big Person

This was just an irritating week at work. That's a lot of it. The repetitiveness of work completely makes me ignore the repetitiveness of the up-keep of the house. Monday I was there until after 2000. ClaireBeth was supposed to get some sealants done and instead ended up having a tooth that needed three fillings! Tuesday, Wednesday and today were long, too. I was almost able to go home after picking up the girls but I couldn't find something expensive. I finally found it, and still somehow ended up working until 1930.

On an up note, VeeZee is progressing quite well at potty training. I put her in panties and plastic pants on Friday and she's been in them since. After getting the hang of it, which took a few days, she's had one accident a day. At least with pee (I'm not sure how to put that delicately). We're not really getting anywhere with the other. She doesn't quite realize what her body's telling her. But it's been less than a week.

I'm also looking at trying some new recipes tomorrow. Snickerdoodles and cream puff cake. I'll let you know how they go.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Sweet Saturday

So today was nice. I got up very early and got to email with one of my best friends. The living portion of the living room (it's split into living/office by the couch/chair) is clean, even if there are still boxes to unpack. It's mostly the girls' stuff or random junk that I'm not really sure why we have or where it should go. But I'd rather it sit in the living room and me hopefully get rid of it as opposed to stuffing it in the storage closet and moving it to the next place we move, whether it be a month, a year or a decade from now. And the exercise bike that I had to have and Eric was sweet enough to get me even though he knew I'd never use it-it sat in his closet for a year-and-a-half to two years. The office portion if the living room is still a mess, but I'll do that tonight, after I do some dishes, since we have no clean ones left. I'm amazed at how little enthusiasm I have for cleaning the house now that I spend 10 hours a day cleaning at work. It's even worse than it was before! But then I could get up at 0500 and clean before the girls got up because I knew I could take a nap. There amazingly aren't naps when you work. Some days there aren't even lunches! But the girls played today. I added some photos to facebook if you'd like to see. They watched a movie while I took a nap with Patches. We tried out the park, which is a decent walk from here. We didn't stay long because I'm such a white girl and even in the shade I felt my shoulders getting hot. And unfortunately ZoeBel is like me. ClaireBeth was blessed with Eric's skin tone. Let's just hope she doesn't have his skin problems when she's a teenager. VeeZee is a throw back to my dad. I can safely say that only because I'm sure Eric's her dada, otherwise I'd be wondering myself. She has the same hair and eyes I had when I was little, but she's blessed with a beautiful tan all year round. And some say "Well, you live in sunny SoCal." It'd be the same if we lived in Michigan. Not that I would like to test that theory. So we're home from the park and it's now time to figure out dinner, since I didn't look at the menu and take any meat out. Wish me luck, and let's hope I can come up with something more interesting than spaghettios!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adventures In Dentistry: Trying To Do Your Own Kids' Cleanings.

So the girls were a month or so overdue for their cleanings and exams. Dr and I finally found a spot for them.

We try to get ZoeBel to go, partly because we have to do impressions for an appliance to help her stop sucking her thumb. She refuses so ClaireBeth goes. ClaireBeth who's been doing this for five years and is a pro. ZoeBel's been doing it for three. but acts like she's never seen the inside of a dentist's office in her life (which is hilarious since she goes to work with me all the time). I finally convince her to let me clean her teeth. She ends up standing up, leaning over my leg. Then when Dr. comes in from finishing ClaireBeth, who was a perfect angel-which is why Dr. got her and I got ZoeBel, I end up having to hold ZoeBel in my lap. And she still balked! But we got her done. Now we just have to take impressions tomorrow!

Vee I actually ended up chasing through the office. It was after hours, I promise! I would have just let her go, otherwise. I had to strap her down with my arms and legs and pry her mouth open, but we at least got the front clean. You should have seen her when ClaireBeth got three prizes for her cleaning, exam and going first without crying and ZoeBel got two prizes for her cleaning and exam. But she still wouldn't let us clean or look anymore. Stubborn child! And did I mention that I bribed ZoeBel? I did. I told her if she did her impressions without fussing or crying then I'd buy her a new pony or groovy girl. I know, I'm horrible. But I'm hoping $10 now will save $100s or possibly $1000s down the line. Not likely, but we shall see. Another reason I became a dental assistant-we get good discounts.

What To Blog, What To Blog...

I'm sure no one even reads this anymore since postings are so sporadic and they've all kind of sounded the same. I've started a few posts, but half-way through I'll decide that I shouldn't or don't want to post them. While a blog is fun, you have to be careful what you put in it. Sometimes things can come back and bite you in the rear. Same with facebook. So I don't complain about work. I don't share my frustration about Eric. I don't tell y'all that if I hear "Mama" one more time I'm going to take all of their plastic toys and melt them in the chemiclave at work. Oops, shouldn't have let that one slip out...oh well.

So Life. Well, it's going. And at this point it's a little bit lonely. Randi has moved the Maryland, she's actually been there since May. She's about 4 months along with their fourth baby. Her husband is doing recruiting duty. Charlie and Mia, my best friends from high school, moved to Maryland in June. She was going to graduate school in LA. She was there for a good two or three years. I finally went and visited in May. Isn't that sad?! I was very glad when they moved from LA, just sad that they moved so far away. They're trying to get me to move out there with them. Bill and Sarah moved to Virginia. Bill got transferred to Washington, D.C.The person I talk to the most is on a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean. It's through email. Thank goodness for email. And facebook. blogging is nice, too, but that requires that you actually do it. ;)

Since some of you don't know, Eric and I went back to mediation, where a counselor helps us figure out a parenting schedule. The girls are still living with me, we just had to work out what to do when Eric's schedule changes in October. We did find out that the divorce could be final as early as late-October/early-November. My lovely husband asked if we could move that particular court date sooner. Lovely.

Work is work. Doctor and I are going to San Francisco in September for a dental convention. I get to go to seminars/take classes, so it should be fun. It's still just her and I. And I'm horrible at insurance so unfortunately it falls to her to do. Mainly we just haven't had time to teach me and let me do it with her to make sure I know what I'm doing. She only wants me to work 40 hours a week, and you run out of hours when you work 10 hour days. This week is light. Maybe I can go in on Friday so we can work on that. That plus it's good to know as much front office as possible, even if you work back.

Umm, what else. I was sick for two days last week and got to take time off work. Yea! Everyone loves that! ClaireBeth starts school in less than three weeks. 2nd grade-very scary! I can't believe she just turned 7. ZoeBel and VeeZee are doing well, as is ClaireBeth. We're getting into somewhat of a normal routine. I know, about time. I guess I haven't been too diligent because I know it's going to change when ClaireBeth goes to school, and now in October when Eric has more time it will really change, but only for 6 weeks, then it changes again. Like VeeZee isn't potty trained yet just because I know I don't have enough time together to do it. Which is sad, she could have been potty trained months ago. ZoeBel no longer needs training pants at night though. Yea, ZoeBel!

Well, I'm off to eat my chicken nuggets and go back to bed. If you bother to read this anymore, leave me a comment so I know you're out there.