Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 weeks in..

School has started. We had our first soccer games of the season. Justin has a new work schedule. AWANA had it's first week (we missed it). And I'm going crazy and loving it!

School...ClaireBeth is in 5th with a new teacher that has experience with 8th and 6th grades-so yea! VeeZee has the best kindergarten teacher ever (or at least tied for best with ClaireBeth's K teacher)! It's the same teacher ZoeBel had and that RachelLynn would have had if she'd gone to school where she was supposed to. ZoeBel is having a more interesting year. She got the teacher we were hoping for when we were praying that she get the best teacher for her. Then we found out they were rearranging a few classes and there was going to be a 2/3 combo. And ZoeBel fit perfectly. Her teacher recommended her, we approved it and ZoeBel wanted to switch. It seemed like a done deal. Until 1:40 on Friday when her teacher got her new roster with ZoeBel still on it. We didn't have a chance to really talk to the principal other than he thought it was a good fit for her, but that will definitely happen the next time he's on campus. I'm not sure if ZoeBel even knows she isn't moving because I didn't get to bring her home on Friday. And Justin got suckered into actually being on the PTA board. But it's stuff that suits him, so as he wishes... RachelLynn starts school on Tuesday, and she got Mr. Prokop, who was one of Justin's old teachers. Thankfully guy teachers seem to stay young! And so his volunteering on Fridays will start in a week or so. And Justin is taking five classes. Intro to Theatre, PE for Elementary Monkeys, Geography, Olde but not SUPER Old History and...I can't remember. Oh, maybe an English Lit class. I seem to remember ordering a lot of books. Thank goodness for the library. But he did fantastic in his English Composition class this summer and got 98.1% in his Intro to Music class-very proud of him!

On to soccer! I am coaching the Stallions (a U06 GIRLS team-please don't ask about the name...the whole girls' U06 is named after horses. Except for the zebras because they ran out of horse names), team parenting the Majestics (ClaireBeth's U12 team) and playing secretary for Justin for Phoenix (ZoeBel's U08 team-thankfully he has a great team parent!). I am also working on a banner and a half-and please remind me never to volunteer to do this again!!! My cousins Sarah and Michael have been lifesavers! Plus Justin has started reffing and is trying to ref as many games as possible this season. Because he's crazy. There are also scholarships on next years fees when you reach a certain number of games, but I keep trying to tell him the $50-$60 is not worth him running himself ragged. work. I'm working and actually on the schedule this year! As opposed to having a principal last year who refused to acknowledge that we worked there unless she could find something to yell at us about. Except since I'm the only one that speaks English they are screwing with my schedule. So we'll see what happens. A little tired of knowing that I do a good job but still being shut out. Praying for patience and on direction on how to best support our teachers and the kids. Since that's the real reason Justin and I are there. If I could afford to not work at all and just live at the school helping out however I can then I would. But we're seeing what is going to happen. Justin is there Mon, Wed and Fridays plus working a lot of hours at the bowling alley. They're working with four guys where they used to have six, and one only works three days in the morning. So at least he's getting more hours. It's just hard trying to get him to take care of himself.

AWANA! We're working with the 3-6th graders this year! They've had one night and we had to miss it because of Back to School Night! But really looking forward to this year! Except VeeZee's hard to teach compared to ZoeBel. VeeZee can't read! ZoeBel would sit down, read it, write it out a few times and then be good. Vee has to be all auditory and oral. She's doing really well, it's just taking a little longer. But it's teaching me patience and actually the joy of teaching my girls (or girl) His word. It's actually rather lovely :) I'm not sure when RachelLynn's AWANA starts or if she's participating, but I hope so. We're also trying to do the VeggieTales Day Starter Devos for Girls from this school year through next summer. They're super short. But it's a good time to cuddle, especially ZoeBel.

So if you're trying to catch us, good luck. We might be home Mondays, though Jusitn will be at work. Tuesdays are practice at like the farthest park from us that still resides in San Marcos and Justin is at school. Wednesday is AWANA. For Thursday, take Tuesday, add a trip to Carlsbad for the girls therapy appointments and Justin working and you've got it. Fridays are soccer practice for ZoeBel and VeeZee, plus we go down to get RachelLynn on first and third weekends before practice, then Justin goes straight from practice to work. Saturdays are soccer and work for Justin. Sundays are church and work for Justin. Then we start all over again :)

So this was more of just a brief catch up. Nothing major. And we're all still alive :)