Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adventures In Dentistry: Trying To Do Your Own Kids' Cleanings.

So the girls were a month or so overdue for their cleanings and exams. Dr and I finally found a spot for them.

We try to get ZoeBel to go, partly because we have to do impressions for an appliance to help her stop sucking her thumb. She refuses so ClaireBeth goes. ClaireBeth who's been doing this for five years and is a pro. ZoeBel's been doing it for three. but acts like she's never seen the inside of a dentist's office in her life (which is hilarious since she goes to work with me all the time). I finally convince her to let me clean her teeth. She ends up standing up, leaning over my leg. Then when Dr. comes in from finishing ClaireBeth, who was a perfect angel-which is why Dr. got her and I got ZoeBel, I end up having to hold ZoeBel in my lap. And she still balked! But we got her done. Now we just have to take impressions tomorrow!

Vee I actually ended up chasing through the office. It was after hours, I promise! I would have just let her go, otherwise. I had to strap her down with my arms and legs and pry her mouth open, but we at least got the front clean. You should have seen her when ClaireBeth got three prizes for her cleaning, exam and going first without crying and ZoeBel got two prizes for her cleaning and exam. But she still wouldn't let us clean or look anymore. Stubborn child! And did I mention that I bribed ZoeBel? I did. I told her if she did her impressions without fussing or crying then I'd buy her a new pony or groovy girl. I know, I'm horrible. But I'm hoping $10 now will save $100s or possibly $1000s down the line. Not likely, but we shall see. Another reason I became a dental assistant-we get good discounts.

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Manda said...

rofl, I can so see you doing this! Especially chasing Vee everywhere! haha