Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Sweet Saturday

So today was nice. I got up very early and got to email with one of my best friends. The living portion of the living room (it's split into living/office by the couch/chair) is clean, even if there are still boxes to unpack. It's mostly the girls' stuff or random junk that I'm not really sure why we have or where it should go. But I'd rather it sit in the living room and me hopefully get rid of it as opposed to stuffing it in the storage closet and moving it to the next place we move, whether it be a month, a year or a decade from now. And the exercise bike that I had to have and Eric was sweet enough to get me even though he knew I'd never use it-it sat in his closet for a year-and-a-half to two years. The office portion if the living room is still a mess, but I'll do that tonight, after I do some dishes, since we have no clean ones left. I'm amazed at how little enthusiasm I have for cleaning the house now that I spend 10 hours a day cleaning at work. It's even worse than it was before! But then I could get up at 0500 and clean before the girls got up because I knew I could take a nap. There amazingly aren't naps when you work. Some days there aren't even lunches! But the girls played today. I added some photos to facebook if you'd like to see. They watched a movie while I took a nap with Patches. We tried out the park, which is a decent walk from here. We didn't stay long because I'm such a white girl and even in the shade I felt my shoulders getting hot. And unfortunately ZoeBel is like me. ClaireBeth was blessed with Eric's skin tone. Let's just hope she doesn't have his skin problems when she's a teenager. VeeZee is a throw back to my dad. I can safely say that only because I'm sure Eric's her dada, otherwise I'd be wondering myself. She has the same hair and eyes I had when I was little, but she's blessed with a beautiful tan all year round. And some say "Well, you live in sunny SoCal." It'd be the same if we lived in Michigan. Not that I would like to test that theory. So we're home from the park and it's now time to figure out dinner, since I didn't look at the menu and take any meat out. Wish me luck, and let's hope I can come up with something more interesting than spaghettios!

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