Monday, July 7, 2008

Eric's new bike

Well, Eric got a bike. Of course. It's a 2003 GSXR600 Alstare, which means it has a funny paint scheme. It's only got 3000 miles on it though and it was only $2000 more than what I'd asked him to keep it to and all the gear and taxes and licensing was included. He went when he was supposed to be at work yesterday. His Sr took him to the shop and the bike is now in Sr's garage. I didn't even know they were friendly. Eric has to take a 2 day course to be allowed to drive it on base (right now he can't ride it to get it home), but they'll teach him to ride it and the paperwork for his license, too. Now I just have to figure out where to park it.

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Anonymous said...

I can not believe you allowed him to get that bike. You tell him his mother said to take it back this instant!!!