Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello from Vista!

Just checking in. Well, the little girls and I are in our new apartment. I won't say we're actually moved in since there are more boxes than I remember packing sitting in our living room, but we're surviving. The girls started a new school this week, after two days at a day care, one day at work with me, a week with my mom, a new neighbour I'd met once the day before and a friend. Work's going well.

Eric filed finally. It only took five months for him to get around to it. I got them on Easter even! He left them at his dad's house the day before. His sister had to give them to me because his dad and his dad's girlfriend couldn't bear to do it. Lovely. I went ahead and filed a response. I didn't want to, but the state of Claifornia doesn't really care about whether both parties want the divorce or not. Oh well.

Okay, better go. Dinner's ready. I'll write something more detailed soon!

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Mia said...

I'm glad you're in and safe and I'm glad I could help but now I'm ready for a new post. It's been over a month! You have to have something new for me to read. I have to keep up with your life someway, especially once I leave. :)