Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello Again

Well, my mother-in-law has come and gone, taking ClaireBeth back to Ohio with her. ClaireBeth loves her new school, has a new bike and is having a great time. I call her every morning and we talk and pray before she goes to school. 

ZoeBel and Vee are doing okay. They don't really talk about ClaireBeth, and I'm worried that they think she's one more person who has disappeared from their life. They haven't talked to her yet, but they will today. 

I've found a cute place to live, I just need to apply and get approved. I'll do that Monday (I had hoped to do it today, but oh well). They allow cats (I don't know how many), so I'm thinking about getting one (maybe two!) for the girls. I just don't want to wait until ClaireBeth gets home. I found a great blog to adopt kitties in the area, It's a little expensive, but the cats are young, fixed, dewormed and vaccinated. You also get a free vet visit. So maybe for the girls' birthday (early:D). I still don't know what I'm going to do about childcare. Scary.

Work is going okay. I'm getting better and feeling a little more confident. Except when it comes to ordering. I was supposed to do that today and just could not focus, so I didn't get it done.  I kind of just left. 

Eric. Well, Eric is grumpy. Eric is making poor choices. Eric got the position he wanted at work, but I don't see the point. What is a position at work going to get you?

So I'm off. My plans for today were messed up, but I'm sure I can find something to do.

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