Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Single Mama.

Or at least this mama. Today we woke up around 0600. Or at least I did. I think I got them up around 0615. We had one disagreement over clothes (since we got home late last night and didn't lay them out-which doesn't always help since usually SOMEONE (about 3 1/2 feet tall, blonde hair and blue eyes) who shall remain unnamed usually changes their mind. We ate breakfast and then left for school and work. We were late (which really means we were on time)but that doesn't usually happen. Tuesdays and Thursdays the wonderful people at preschool take ClaireBeth to school since I have to be at work by 0745. So I get to work where I have a very irritated, grumpy day. Because we left late last night the office was a mess this morning and none of my paperwork was done, which always makes things worse. Dr cleaned two of the rooms, but she never does it the way I do. Around 1000 VeeZee's teacher calls me to tell me that VeeZee was hit in the face with a hula hoop (we're guessing she walked into it). So now she looks like Rocky after a fight. Lovely. I make it through most of my day without getting fired-though I did have to leave the room a few times to accomplish it-and leave to get the girls. Their teacher at preschool has a final tonight and I try to get there so she's not late to class, which doesn't always happen. Poor Meemaw! When I get there they tell me that ZoeBel threw up. Not the end of the world. Until VeeZee throws up, too! Usually I take the girls back to work with me while I finish up with the last patient and do all my paperwork and clean everything up. Since VeeZee and I are covered in throw up I have to call and have one of the helpers tell her that I'm not coming back. Fun. So we came home, bugged Mr. Philip and took a bath. ClaireBeth and I snuck some food while the little girls were busy, since they're STILL throwing up. At least they're both old enough to get to the toilet (or at least the bathroom) to throw up. They're currently watching Dora and I'm wondering if I'm going to go to work all day tomorrow. Not that I have much of a choice. *sigh* Dora's over, so time to cuddle. Definitely one of the best perks of having three little princesses!


Randi Legates said...

Wow the stomach flu must thrive over there, it always seem like one of my socal friends has it, and I remember us getting like 4 times, out of the only 2 years we lived there. You poor thing. Having sick kids is not fun, hope they get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Zoe! I sure hope they start feeling better soon.

Mia said...

Aw honey, it sounds awful! Do you think they need to go to the doctor? I really hope it gets better soon! hugs!