Sunday, December 6, 2009

What a great weekend!

I haven't had such a great weekend in a while, though I have definitely had some good ones. It started with getting out of work on time Thursday. That very rarely happens, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have to go pick the girls up at 1730 every day. Tuesdays and Thursdays office hours end at 1700 but we still usually have patients when I leave to get the girls and so have to come back. Mondays and Wednesdays we're open until 1800. I come back on Mondays and work usually until almost 1900 (and sometimes later), though Wednesdays the girls and I have class or choir so we go straight to church from preschool. Anyway, back to this weekend!

We got out on time Thursday and went to Sam's club for pizza. One of our favorite stores combined with one of our favorite foods. How can you go wrong? Friday I took ClaireBeth to class and then went and did some paperwork that I still needed to do for her school. The little girls and I came home and cleaned up and then we took ClaireBeth to the doctor in San Diego for a rash (fun-don't worry, she's not contagious). After that we went to my parents' and spent the night. We made cookies and had a lot of fun! I even got to talk to my sister! (Roger's daughter who's about my age.)

Saturday I left the girls with my parents because they've missed the girls so much. I went to a much needed hair appointment with the awesome, fantastic, wonderful Marcella. It had been three months and you could definitely tell. Ugh. I still can't do it like she does, but I'm trying. Kind of. The I went to a cookie exchange and saw quite a few friends from The Fellowship. Ladies, I miss you! Then I came home and waited for Philip to come down. Even though I woke him up at 0630 and he left around 0700 he didn't get here until after 1400! Stupid LA traffic. When he got here we went looking for car parts (it seems to be a favorite past time of his), out to dinner at a nice Chinese place, shopping were we got a Christmas tree and then to church for the Christmas musical. It was a very fun, very busy day! Though I guess I should confess that I locked us out of the house. Twice! We take his car when he's here, so I didn't really need my keys. Until we got home and he realized that I didn't have them and so we couldn't get in. Thankfully the manager was home. Then we left to go shopping and took the little set with us (with the mail, laundry room and extra apartment (I thought) keys) so we could make an extra one for Philip's key chain. We forgot to make the extra but figured we were fine. Until I tried to unlock the door and realized that it was the key for the storage, not the apartment. And guess what, the manager was gone for the night! At this point I realized that I also forgot to give my parents the girls' car seats. Sometimes I am amazed at how blonde I am! I had called the manager and she called me back, thankfully, saying that someone could get in and give us the keys. Otherwise we were going to have to drive to San Diego to get keys and still drive down to pick the girls up the next day since I couldn't get into the van for the car seats. So, disaster averted. Whew!

Sunday we drove down to pick up the girls and picked out ornaments for the tree. This year its red and silver. I've never had red before because Eric really didn't like it. At home we ate lasagna and watched the Little Einstein's Christmas DVD that Philip bought for the girls. We decorated the tree (during which Philip did like five years' worth of updates on the computer) and hung the lights outside. Then we ate lots of cookies from the cookie swap! And in the process of rescuing the new movie that ZoeBel got stuck in a funny place we found Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses that we've been missing for over a year! So Philip has since started the five hour drive home and we are watching Barbie in the glow of our Christmas lights while I blog about a great few days. They weren't without frustration, but we definitely had something to laugh about.


Anonymous said...

oh Jess... I worry about you. I really do! Glad you had a great weekend, you deserved it!

Anonymous said...

And can I say I'm absolutely THRILLED that you now have red in your house? haha

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

It was so nice to see you at the cookie exchange. I felt bad that I didn't talk to you more; I'm sorry! I was kind of all over the place emotionally that day...I had debated about backing out of coming because I was having a really tough morning, but I ended up being really glad I came because I felt so much better by the time I left. (Just been really sad about my dad being gone and now that its the holidays, its amped up a bit.)

You looked wonderful! :-) I really should make the trip up there to hang out with you some weekend. We can watch a movie or just chat and catch up on life. Let me know what your schedule is like. Mine is pretty open. lol

Mia said...

I'm so happy you had a great weekend, Jess. You really do deserve it. Reading about you guys putting up lights made me miss you even more though! It was so much fun helping you decorate last year (can you believe how much has happened since then?). Like Manda, I worry about you, but I also know you're a fully grown responsible woman and I trust that you'll make the best and right decisions for you and your family. I miss you and the girls so much!

Randi Legates said...

Hey Jess, so I caught up on your blog!! So glad you had a good weekend, and yes Philip is going to need a key if this keeps up. I'm also going to call you crazy for your red and silver ornaments! So you didn't let any of the other colors on? Is that fair to the other colors? Are you always going to have only red and silver on your tree? Because I can't do that. I love ya!