Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures In Mia-Land...

is here!

So my best girlfriend got to come to town. I got to steal her since her dad was out of town for the first few days. As much as I knew I loved her I now have an even deeper love and appreciation for her. Plus her fiance and my other best friend said I couldn't stand on his side at their wedding so he's no longer my favorite. :)

So I picked Mia up at the airport and we went straight to Mexican food and Mission Beach. The hole-in-the-wall on the corner has awesome carne asada! I think we were there for like two hours. Splashed in the waves, dug big holes (eventually helped by a boy named Colby-what's up with naming kids after cheese?), played with sand toys, white girl got the snot burned out of her. You know, normal stuff. But later that night Mia looked like I'd dyed her red and THEN boiled her her like a lobster. Poor thing. So after Mia's broiling we dropped the girls off at my parents' and headed to Kristy's MVP in Pt. Loma. I'd lived by this place for years and managed to never go in. I should have kept it that way. Our really good friend Justin and his and Mia's friend Steven go karaoke-ing on Thursdays. So Mia said she wanted to go. Except she didn't know it was on Thursdays when she decided. And I was her ride for the day. So guess who ends up going. When you haven't even made it into the bar yet and you've got guys saying hi to you that are standing outside the side entrance like they live there it's probably a good idea to go home. But still. Justin sang Hungry Like The Wolf and the fun just went from there. I don't drink much, especially when I'm out and I was driving since it was Mia's vacation so that didn't hold much appeal. And it was kind of sad seeing people that looked like they visited the place a lot. But I loved seeing Justin, seeing Mia having fun and there were a lot of laughs. Unfortunately there was also some bleeding from the ears as the night wore on, the glasses piled up on the tables and the songs were more morose. Oh well.

Friday was just as fantastic. Justin was working in Vista so he came over for lunch-pizza pockets!!!, which are mostly homemade calzones. Mia, the girls and I went to the commissary (after the dreaded menu planning) and then hit the mall. I got hair dye for the girls which I thankfully didn't do that weekend because I don't think Eric and Bree would have appreciated the girls having purple hair for their wedding. Then the awesome Mia watched the girlies while I went out to dinner with my small group. When I came home she'd given the girls a bath, made them dinner and they had made me hamburger cookies. She was reading them a story and they hadn't watched any TV. I'd been gone for at least two hours, maybe three. She did an fabulous job with them and they love her to death.

Saturday was a sad day. I had to take her back to her dad's. He'd brought her out here so it was only fair he actually got to see her. I suppose. But first was a trip to the salon. The Haircut Store in Clairemont is fantastic. Mia has curly hair and had Brittany who did a great job. The girls go to Abby (I'm taking two of them tomorrow) and I see Maggie and Marcella. So after that and McDonald's it was time to part ways. *sigh* Charlie and Mia (especially Mia) would love us to move with them and share a house. I'd love to, too. Which is why our adventures in Mia-Land were so hard, 'cause we're separated by a whole country. But, thank goodness for Skype and Facebook. They (Mia and Charlie-not FaceBook and Skype) are a source of support and love and acceptance. Not that we don't have it from our families, but it's even more special when it's freely given by someone who's not stuck with you genetically. So I'll post photos soon so you can enjoy the day with us.


Mia said...

Oh ponies, please no pictures!!! :)

Randi Legates said...

I can't wait!

Randi Legates said...

I can't believe you switched hair Stylist!! :0(

I'm just kidding!

It's sounds like a great weekend, and I'm glad you had fun. I miss you tons!

Jessica said...

don't even start that with me, miss! YOU decided you wanted to go play in the snow, leaving me to my own recourse. *groan of anguish*

Randi Legates said...

Well if would come play in the snow with both me ans Mia, then we would all be happier!

We really don't like the snow all that much... and now there is no more snow, just awful humidity :0(