Monday, December 8, 2008

My Breakfast

I love my girls. I really do. I miss Vee quite a bit, though it is a lot easier with her gone. I miss her sweet hugs and her little acts of kindness. Also how she keeps us neat since if you leave anything out she yells at you!

So as to breakfast. The girls got downstairs before I did and were discussing the merits of different foods for breakfast (meaning they were yelling at each other). So they decide to each have their own breakfast. Fair enough. When I get downstairs Ziggy is making a pbj for me and ClaireBeth has a biscuit with butter and honey waiting for me. I love 3 and 6 year-old presents! The biscuits were from last night when we had some great friends over for dinner. So they were cold. The butter was soft, but ClaireBeth really likes butter so there was tons. The pbj had a bit of peanut butter on it and a dab of jelly. And so while the breakfast was good though not fantastic, it was the thought that really got me. Ziggy made my sandwich first-something that we've been working on, putting others first. After she made hers she was determined to make one for Vee for when she got home. It took a little persuading to convince her it would taste better if she made it when Vee got home. ClaireBeth made me a biscuit out of love even when I'm not always loving towards her. She keeps telling me she loves me even when I hurt her feelings. Being Mama I can be selfish or unfair sometimes. So I just feel really blessed today. Breakfast also reminded me that it's not me that matters, it's others and God. And He gave me these beautiful girls to raise, both as a reminder of how I should live (child-like faith and love is the ideal but all too soon we become hard and jaded) and what I should be showing the world as an example. So while I don't know what will come next, my behavior should reflect the love, hope, faith, grace and mercy I've been given, not the fear and worry that want to take over.

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