Thursday, December 18, 2008

What God's Doing!

It's been interesting lately. I went to get my haircut last Tuesday. I go to church with the lady who cuts it. She's in my small group and knows everything that's going on. So she kinda blurts out that she has two extra bedrooms and a husband out to sea (or under the sea; he's on a sub) and we can stay with her. I told her not to offer anything she might have to carry through with, jokingly of course. So I came home and called the dental assistant school I had been thinking about.

I had found a different school and became interested. So I looked around online and found this school. I talked to someone at church who I only knew worked in a dentist's office. I didn't know in what capacity, though found out she's a registered dental assistant. She calls me the next day with the name of the second school I had found. It's a ten week course, only meeting on Saturdays. If you can, you have the opportunity to go in and work four hours during the week. I'll get a certificate of completion in dental assisting, an x-ray license and something in CPR. I'll learn sterilization, teeth polishing, surgical prepping; a whole bunch of stuff. I called and talked to the person on the phone and set up a time to go tour and talk to an instructor. It seems really interesting. But before, since I get everywhere early, I sat in the car praying that God would show me what to do. So I talk with the instructor and eventually explain my situation and inability to pay the tuition how they needed when they wanted and she says to leave my name and number and maybe something could be worked out. The dentist calls the next day and leaves a message saying how he'd been thinking since he'd gotten up and he really wanted to work with me. I call back and of course get a message. At the end it said "God Bless". So I'm wondering if he'd been praying about it. He calls back and says that they will work with me and I only have to send in the application and deposit. Then someone very generously gave me a gift to cover the deposit. Class starts January 10th and I already bought my first pair of scrubs-pink! My next set will probably be purple!

What do I do then? I call my friend and tell her she has four new roommates. She lives in the military housing off of Aero Dr. They have four bedrooms and three boys. So we'll see how it goes. It will definitely be interesting, loud and fun. I get to continue watching Laelia. I'm very excited because I really like having her and while I took her to be able to tithe and to help her parents, it is now a huge help to me. ClaireBeth will transfer to the school down the street from the new house. It's year-round and has the same early day as Dewey. Ziggy I really need to start praying for. I really don't want to drive her over here and come back to pick her up everyday, so I will probably pull her out of school. My friend watches three girls on Mondays, so we might just start our own preschool thing. Goodness know I have enough junk for it. And Vee's just Vee.

I did call to schedule counseling for the girls, at least Ziggy and ClaireBeth. I left a message. Hopefully they'll get back. I'm usually okay until something really sweet or sad happens. I broke down crying after the dentist said he would work with me concerning tuition. Tonight was bible study. Two good friends had given sweet, thoughtful gifts to us, something standard but wonderful. Then the leader took out some envelopes. Our group started out as and is still part of a military ministry through The Rock. So the group takes part in stuff. The leader was given gifts from people at The Rock to give to military families in need. So three of us were given gifts to Target to help out. That's when I lost it tonight. That plus all the help Mom and Roger and other people have given us just overflowed. And just seeing how much God shows me He cares about us is awesome. One of the gifts from the ladies was a silver stone saying "just believe. things happen for a reason. . .", which I keep getting reminded of, whether it's by my friend saying we'll work through this or something God wrote thousands of years ago for me to find.

So I'm off to clean my room, hoping that having a clean relaxing place to go will help. And trying not to live four months from now when school's over and I have to figure out what to do then but still have to consider the fact that ClaireBeth goes to a year-round school in Cali where school starts later than other places and so attendance is touchy and find an area with Tricare. So we'll just worry about the laundry on the floor and how to get the furniture down the stairs.


Rachel said...

Crystal used to sing this song to us in SS, one I have never heard before or since..."Jehovah Jirah"...My Provdier. Looks like He is doing that for you.

One day at a time, One day at a time.

Sarah Boscia said...

Jessica God is awesome and Thank you for shareing how he is moving in your life. Remember to take it one day at a time, moment by moment. Even though it is hard to want to think about the future, remeber that God has that all ready weaved together and he just wants you to follow and be open.