Saturday, November 22, 2008

Praise The Lord, O My Soul

Psalm 103:1a

So it's still dark and I feel like I can't keep my head above water anymore. I started reading the Psalms this morning (while waiting for my cinnamon roll dough to rise, which it decided not to do). I'd honestly never liked them before. It mainly sounded like David was whining about all of his enemies and trying to be self-righteous. But this morning they clicked. I didn't read all of them (there are quite a few). My bible has a chart that tells what some of them about, so I read the ones that were listed that seemed helpful. In doing this I remembered things that are sometimes easy to forget.

God loves me (and you:))
God has a plan for every person.
God will not leave me, but sometimes I walk away from Him.
God will forgive me.
God always hears my prayers, but He knows what's best. We may not get what we want but we will grow in our faith.
God will take care of me.
God is perfect and I never will be. Therefore I can't think that I know better than God.

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