Monday, January 5, 2009

So I'm Late-Big Surprise

Yes, New Year's was a few days ago (five, but who's counting). And so far, it's just another day with a different number at the end. I didn't wake up to find myself in our old room; I didn't instantaneously look like. . .well, there are quite a few attractive actresses, but none that I'd like to look like since everyone's seen pretty much everything there is to see of them. While I was hoping to be out of the house by then (or at least wanting to get it over by then), that didn't happen. So I'm slowly doing the cleaning and the last sorting/packing, knowing I'm not going to get it done by Saturday when I start school and realizing I have only 11 more days to get it done and I don't know how I'm going to get the last few big things out of there. Not too scary until I realize Eric's stuff is still all there and he probably won't help me with any of the cleaning. "Babe, I'm working. I can't get time off. You know how this job is." Said of course in a deep boy voice with just a hint of hurt because you apparently don't care and exasperation that it has to be explained to you. Ugh.

So this year I will have to fully step out and trust God. That's my resolution, as it were, or at least would have been if I had bothered to do one. I start school on Saturday. I'm a little scared that employers will look at it as a short, abbreviated education as opposed to doing one of the 8 to 10 month long schools where you go all day every day. So going is in itself following God. To be given this chance by the owners of the school and a place to live and finding out that the owners are Christians. God didn't even have to hit me over the head with a 2x4 this time, though He did have to pretty much throw me out of the nest so I'd take the chance to fly. But on the upside I got a pretty lavender notebook, colored pens and pretty stickies to go along with my chic scrubs and white shoes with sparklies.  And now of course comes the worries over a job afterwards. And the daycare thing. And where to move to. So off to Matthew we go. Chapter 6 verse 34 is especially appropriate. But alas, same old worries, same old posts, same old blog.

Life right now is very fun. My room is still in boxes. The girls' has been unpacked. Unfortunately it was by them and only one dresser has been brought over so there are clothes everywhere, but hey. Randi and I are getting along pretty well, considering that I've been lazy and apathetic lately. I'm slowly getting better. Very slowly. But at least I'm not getting worse. Laelia's a hoot to work with. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to watch someone else's child, but at least she keeps things interesting. I've watched more anime in the last week than I ever expected to watch in my life. We've been Harry Pottering the last few nights, after a season of His and Her Circumstance and of course before that was Star Trek. We've learned that Randi's dog likes eggnog cookies and both the dog and the cat will eat peas. Of course, why wouldn't they? But it's time to go to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream. Well, okay, I haven't been that melancholy or depressed. Just an overload of Kenneth Branagh. We did learn that watching Harry Potter at 1.5 speed really did speed things up. Randi's dvd player will still play the audio and it didn't take 2.5 hours to get through the movie. Always nice to know. (Kenneth Branagh is in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, which we watched, if you're wondering where the jump came from. But he's also done several Shakespeares.)


thesteve said...

lazy and apathetic or just lazy and pathetic? :-p

Jessica said...

pretty much. realized that and decided i HAD to get over it. ugh. why can't we choose to be pathetic?