Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Checking In

Today was ClaireBeth's first day of school. I went and registered her, which took forever and was rather a pain since I was transferring within the same district. There were a few things that kind of concerned me, but I can't really be too picky right now. She was put into a 1st/2nd combo with Mrs. Johnson. She came home with homework but nothing else. NOTHING else. I'm guessing we should have class stuff by the end of the week, but the teacher wasn't too prepared. Neither was the front office. It was very disorganized. There were quite a few other kids enrolling today and another new girl in ClaireBeth's class. So you would think that it's something the school would be used to. Unfortunately I had to go to work right after I picked ClaireBeth up and then the kids went to bed early today. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. I haven't really spent a lot of time with the girls since we moved in. Randi does things differently than I do and we're trying to find a balance. 

School and work are great. I'm learning tons and doing tons and am really liking it. But I also haven't seen anything gross yet. I probably don't want to move to hill-billy country to be a dental assistant. Bubba teeth are fun at Halloween and that's about the only time. Laelia is great. She's been rolling all over the place for a while now but her independent streak is coming out and apparently she's not big on stretches or being moved about like a baby doll. Unfortunately it won't get any better from here. But for the most part she's a joy to have, spitting out her food aside. I will definitely miss her when I have to quit.

No news concerning Eric, though he did say he'd some to Vee's party. He tried to say he wouldn't but I convinced him to. It's not her fault and she shouldn't have to suffer because of it. Instead the rest of us will so she can have a few pictures of her birthday party when she's older. Oh well, it's the long run that counts.

Other than that we're good. Randi and I are getting along pretty well, especially considering the fact that it's her house and we're both strong willed. She's much more laid back about stuff though. So I'm living with someone who's aggressively laid back. Go figure. So my routines and methods are having a hard time fitting in, even though it is admitted that they work better. Hmm, maybe we should try couples counseling. And it's a lot harder being a stay at home mom than going out and working. Especially if you actually spend time with your kids. I miss it but like having a few hours away. However I'm not really looking forward to having to work full time. I might actually miss the girls! But I'm off to bed. And wondering what I can reschedule to make everything fit into the week. Wish me luck!


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