Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So A Quick Recap

Went to school Saturday. It was a short day and I wish they had shoved more in. But I have a test next week. We did make impressions (the goopy stuff in the tray),  models (replicas of the teeth from the impressions) and whitening trays. We also watched two videos and saw truly disgusting nasty teeth. Ooh, ooh, I also almost made my partner gag with the tray but got a great impression!

I went in to the office Monday and Tuesday afternoons. It was fun. I've seen fillings, dealt with my first patient who thought he knew more than the dentist, helped with two kids and torn down a lot of rooms and sterilized a lot of instruments. Fun fun fun.

As to the house I am now completely done. My father-in-law and his girlfriend helped a lot and my small group saved me big-time. Sarah came and helped me clean two days and the group watched kids and actually helped me get the rest of my stuff out of the house. Eric wasn't too happy with how it was left but I did all the cleaning and got all of my stuff out. He gets to finish up the house (vacuum a room or two and I'd scrub down the kitchen sink again but whatever). The back yard and the garage are also his to deal with. Apparently, though, Vee spilled rubbing alcohol in his closet and some of the colors from his clothes bled. He was a little grumpy about that too. But I left my keys and garage door opener and so can't go back in. It's a relief but sad. No matter what we couldn't have pulled our notice and I briefly met the people that will move in, but still. Oh well. It's not up to me.

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