Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I LOVE preschool!

I think Ziggy gets to go to preschool. I'm so excited. I registered her at the end of April and they told me I'd get a letter in 30 days telling me whether or not she gets to go. She turns three in a few weeks and four year-olds get preference.

So, having received no letter and being impatient, I called this morning at 0730. Amazingly someone answered. They said no news is good news and if I hadn't received a letter then she was probably in. YEA!!! Her school's a mile and a half away and starts at the same time as ClaireBeth's but we'll figure it out. I asked for the morning class, it's only 3 to 3 1/2 hours a day, to fit better with ClaireBeth's schedule but we'll see. I'll probably drive her to school and walk to pick her up. I had to walk over there to register her (stupid windshield) and it's definitely good exercise! It's also year-round so she should be on about the same vacation schedule as ClaireBeth, too.

And the best part, I'll only have one child at home! If they take her this year then they'll take her next year, and we're here at least until March or so of 2010. So by the time we move we'll be looking at preschools for Vee the next year. Yes, I'm almost kid-less!

Don't get me wrong, I do love my girls but I'm excited. If I have a few hours to clean and do the stuff I need to I can play with the girls more without hoping to get stuff done, failing and yelling at them to leave me alone because I'm trying to clean bathrooms covered in pee (who'd have thought a two year-old girl could be as messy as a little boy?)

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