Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch out, I'm coming through!

I hate driving. Parking and un-parking is even worse. Then throw in itty-bitty, teeny-tiny spots with no room between rows and you have a recipe for bringing me to tears in the fetal position. I drive a mini-van. With two kids in car seats and one in a booster that you have to buckle and un-buckle, it's a necessity. We tried getting along with my old Camry one weekend when we had my niece and it is impossible to live like that.

Enter the parking lot at the doctor's office. I almost cried I was so happy when I drove into the parking lot this morning with my mom-mobile. When I went on February 27th for Vee's 12 month checkup the spots were the same width as my van and a little bit shorter. The aisle where you're supposed to drive was even narrower. So even if you did find a spot, it was almost impossible to get out of it. And to make it even worse, they had tried to repaint at one point, but you couldn't tell which lines went with which. Then you have the ridiculous people that have monster trucks with tires higher than my door handles with one or two kids. I had one like that drive up today and I just wanted to smack her for the stupidity of her truck. Where else in the world is it considered a right to have as much unnecessary excess as possible as in America?

So today I drive up and the spots are all repainted. They're wider and they're diagonal, which makes it so much easier. I was jumping in my seat when I got out in two tries, didn't hit anyone/thing and didn't have to yell at the girls to shush so I could concentrate. It was so bad I went today with the intent of telling them we were going to switch offices because I couldn't park. My cousin laughs at me because of the whole situation, but none the less I can't park or un-park.

As to Vee's 15 month check-up, she is perfectly healthy but needs to eat more. She's now up to the 10th percentile for weight, which is an improvement, but it doesn't help if she's not eating. She weighs 19 lbs, 3 ounces and is 30.5 inches long. Unfortunately her car seat is still rear-facing. I can't turn it around until she's 22 lbs and 34 inches and in the last 3 months she's only gained 2 lbs and 1 inch. I can't even put her in Ziggy's seat because she's not big enough for that one either, she still has to be 20 lbs. So rear-facing we'll stay. At this point she'll be 2 before she can turn around.

If only I could wait nine months before I had to drive again.

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