Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zoom Zoom

My mini-van is sick and at the doctor's-I mean dealer's. It would just shut off while we were driving it-not the best time. Especially with it only being three or four years old. So when I called I asked for a courtesy car since the insurance-I mean warranty-should cover the problem which means we did nothing wrong, it's just the van. When I called I told them I had two harness seats and a booster. So I end up with a Mazda6.

The difference is like going from a Harley to a $40 12 inch Disney Princess bike. My van is sturdy and safe and cozy while in the Mazda6 I feel like the motorcycle behind me is going to drive right over me. It is fun and fast, but I still managed to keep it close to the speed limit. The cool thing is it can switch between a stick and an automatic but Eric forbid me to drive it as a stick. He probably has a point. We traded in our last stick the day our 3 year-old nephew was born and I don't even remember when I drove it before that because Eric usually took it to work since we only had one car at the time. Better safe than sorry.

This car's been fun, but I can't wait to get my mom-mobile back. Let's hope we don't have to pull the plug.

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