Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to normal

So Eric finished his last cycle on the 22nd. He went back to work today and gets new kids on the 29th. You gotta love summer when all of the high school seniors are going to boot camp. Eric's a Senior Drill Instructor this cycle, but his J (#2) was a 4th hat on his first full cycle last time and his 3rd hat has only been a DI for 3 weeks! We'll see how it goes!

As for us girls, we're getting ready to go back to school. We had two play dates with Auntie Sarah and our cousins Nehemiah, Haylie, Jake and JoJo. We love playing with them. Mama and Auntie Sarah get to talk big girl stuff, and go shopping if a daddy's around, and the kids get to drive each other nuts. They live about 45 minutes north. It's not that bad, but we just never seem to get a chance to get together.

Eric and I went to a Padres game last night with friends Michelle and Cecil. Cecil leaves for IA duty in Africa soon. We even went kid-less, which is nice since we both have three girls.

I still haven't written about camp. Okay, the speakers were Mike Erre and John Erwin. Both fantastic. I know Erre puts his sermons from Rock Harbor church in Costa Mesa online. The girls and I are going back in Nov for a weekend. If you're military, the cost is $50 per adult and kids are free. Go to If you're not military, it's more expensive but it's still an awesome experience. At nap time Monday I was just praying we'd make it to lunch Wednesday, but God is awesome and gave all of us the strength and patience, not to mention a few families that really helped take care of us, to make it all the way through. I definitely needed it. I realized why I hadn't been doing anything around the house or with the girls. I was really feeling angry and resentful and discontented. Since I didn't want to be mad at myself and it wasn't really Eric's fault, I put most of those feelings toward God. He was probably sitting there trying not to laugh because he loves me so much like I do when Vee has a temper tantrum or Ziggy tries to get her own way and it doesn't work. So I came home and thought that everything would be all peachy because of my realization. Nope. I still actually have to work on my relationship with God. No freebies here.

So we're back to normal with Eric gone and my doing house/wife type stuff, which today means 12 loads of laundry (no exaggerations!). This time next week I'll have two kids in school. Very cool.

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Anonymous said...

12 loads of laundry, I would have an anxioity attack!!!! I get upset when I have more than three loads at a time (and Danielle uses enough towels for two loads a week). I bet you miss me now, if I was there all your laundry would be done!!! G