Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So my friend Beth,, tagged me, which means I get to post 6 unspectacular quirks about myself. I'm supposed to tag and link and I'm just lost, so I'll just post, with a side tip to suggest doing the same thing on yours.

1. I would rather (and do) read 4 books in three days than clean my house.

2. I am extremely uptight. Which leads to being critical.

3. I am horrible at decorating because everything has to match. Same with clothes. Love ya Sarah! Thanks for trying to get me out of my box.

4. ClaireBeth has to empty the dishwasher because I pretty much flat out refuse to do it.

5. I have 4 or 5 calendars around the house and never use any of them.

6. I could live off of smoothies and meat. All I want is fruit and a dead animal. With a side of chocolate occasionally thrown in.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Yay, you were a good sport for doing it! :)