Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wii Mii?

This is what Eric does most of the time. He says the chicks are harder to fight 'cause they keep getting back up. Go figure, the girls aren't as big babies as the guys.
So while I was at camp (I'll write about that more later) Eric bought a Wii. I'm okay with it, though we try to ask each other about big purchases. He says he tried to call, but he knew I had NO reception up the mountain. I'm okay with it mainly since they're so hard to find. He went to the exchange here at MCRD and they were just sitting on the counter. They said they'd just got them in a few minutes before. His friend was with him and he even called his wife who said she didn't mind, but he didn't get one. I have no clue why, but he's regretting it.

Part of it I guess is you have to hear Eric's reasoning behind getting it. Recently we'd started doing crossword puzzles together. Come to find out, we suck at them. Majorly. The Wii was his solution to finding something else we'd both enjoy doing together. He also got it for the girls. So at least he rationalized it well, right?

Now if you're totally jealous and would like to get a Wii (yeah right!) I know that Sam's club in College Grove had at least two on Monday for $250.


Anonymous said...

The Wii...a marriage builder...I can see that...good job Eric :)

Thanks for coming by today!

Love Sarah

Beth said...

I got one while I was in Minnesota because I couldn't find one here in San Diego.

Isabel is loving it! She is REALLY good at that boxing game- I can't believe it.

But its true about how the Wii can bring you together, as far as time spent together. The kids have really enjoyed playing the different games with their Daddy. (I admit, I haven't gotten into it as much...I'd rather take the free time and enjoy a bath in peace and quiet! lol)

Beth said...

I tagged ya! Come over to my blog and see what I mean.