Friday, August 29, 2008

Later today

When Michelle and Cecil came to pick up their girls, I was a little frustrated. Lacy cried almost the whole time, no matter what I did. I got nothing done and the big girls were tired of being stuck in one room. Lunch was late and a little skimpy. So instead of cleaning, I went and laid down and read a book. Then it was time to go to parent orientation for Ziggy's school. We saw her teacher. We didn't really meet her since she stood in front and talked but didn't mingle. I had another 30 pages of paperwork to fill out (most of which I had already done) and of course my girls were the loudest and most ill-behaved. Of course, why wouldn't they be? They are Eric's after all.

After that we went school shopping, where Ziggy and ClaireBeth each got a new dress for the first day of school. ClaireBeth had no shoes to go with it, so we got to go shoe shopping too! Yea! Lucky me! Somehow the girls picked the same dress. So we're walking through Ross and Target (of course we have to take the dresses with us to make sure our new shoes match!) and everyone's like "Oh how cute, you're dressing them alike for school!" I'm very quick to reassure them that this was in no way my doing.

Home we come to make Eric and his team some dinner. The first few nights of the cycle I take dinner to the whole team. It started out five cycles ago we were supposed to trade off, the other wives and myself. Somehow between then and three cycles ago I ended up doing it. Which I don't get since I can't cook. Go figure. I can do a few things good enough for Eric, one of which is calzones which has become his customary first night dinner. I can bake though, so the guys always get a good dessert. Tonight was brownies, a new recipe that turned out very well. Tomorrow is pot roast and Eric's apple pie. It has a cheddar cheese crust. I also have two parties and a potluck. So for the whole weekend I have brownies, one apple pie, one cake (boxed but that's what the person wanted-I'll never understand), one batch of cookies, one key lime pie and two batches of cake balls not including dinner for the guys and whatever I take to the potluck. And of course I ran out of sugar.

Well, I've rambled enough. I have more to vent about, like Eric's work's get-togethers and laundry, but I'm sure I've bored you enough already. It's officially chick flick night since he's not here to complain about the English accents in Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility! Have a great night, I know I will.

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