Monday, October 20, 2008

I Just Had A BAD Weekend

It was so bad that I cried three times. Twice on the phone to the people and once at church. Laelia was fussy Thursday from missing her morning nap. I learned to rearrange everything instead of doing that again. But that night her dad called and asked if anything happened during the day because she was inconsolable. So the girls and I prayed for her and asked for prayer for them at biblestudy. Mom was out of town, so Dad thought it was mostly that. Then he calls Friday morning and says that Laelia is still crying and hates to be moved because her hip or knee is hurting a lot. So to the doctor they go. Then to x-rays, with a possible trip to the orthopedic specialist if necessary. To me, that's huge, though this family knows them all by first name, kids and belt size. At this point I'm horrified and sick to the thought that I might have accidentally hurt her, or that they would think that I had done something, that they didn't want me to watch her and if I did do something, how expensive are x-rays and specialists? Dad called back Friday evening and said that nothing was broken or dislocated. Cue crying jag number one. I don't hear anything else all weekend. Sunday I go in to church and am leading the kindergartners. Before I get any kids I start crying again, just from being so worried. I called Mom earlier today but got no answer and no one called me back, so I got up the nerve to call again. Mom says everything's fine, Laelia just has crying pain spells sometimes and she's coming back tomorrow like planned. Cue crying jag three. Today they had already planned to keep Laelia home before any of this started. But I'll probably at least look into getting licensed so that I can get insured, and I could take on more kids (before and after school only) if I needed to.

Eric came home Sunday night and is home until tomorrow afternoon, which is nice for me, but he's been having to deal with me being a basket case. But mainly I'm most relieved that she's okay. Still in a bit of pain, but okay.

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