Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is That Supposed To Be White?

I don't know who did the buying for these houses, but they had no clue what they were doing. I'm thinking it was a middle aged man who never had any kids or at least didn't raise them because he was never home. Who on earth makes textured white bath tubs and cabinets? If I had back all the time I've spent trying to scrub them clean (and usually not succeeding) I probably could have gotten my associates degree. I don't know what I would have gotten it in, but I would be half way finished with something! Whatever it is it's not getting the stains out of these tubs.


Anonymous said...

mr clean sponge

Sarah Boscia said...

So funny because yesterday I was scrubbing my white kitchen cabniets thinking I love that they are white and the openess they give to our house, but seriously with kids it's a bad mistake. As for the tub. I have tried everything. Mr. Clean sponge, soft scrub with bleach, bleach. They fade away for a while but always seem to come back. Oh well I guess those grubby little kids have speacil grubby stain making ablities in them.