Monday, October 6, 2008

Laelia Sky

I get Laelia on Thursday! So what is Laelia? Technically it's a genus of orchid (see above). But the Laelia I'll have is a one-year-old (as of Oct 3rd-Happy Birthday!) from church. I get to watch her during the week for around 5 hrs a day. Now some of you might be shocked considering how I usually feel about kids (sometimes including my own). But God gave her one of the best dispositions I've ever seen in anyone. She is extremely sweet and smiley. But God made her different in other ways too.
Laelia was born without some major muscles in her arms and legs. I'm not sure about her hands and feet. She was also born with limb joints that don't have a normal range of motion due to a lot of tissue around them. So I'll help with her stretches. I know my explanation sounds uninformed, and it is. I really just started looking the conditions up very recently and I don't know how to put it so that people that aren't knowledgeable about the conditions can understand. I can throw out words like contractures and the alphabet soup that comes with any condition or disease or military branch, but if you're like me you'll have to look them up, and that still hasn't been the biggest help because they just use big words to explain the big words.
I have told Eric, but no one else except for a friend at church. He knew I went to an interview on Saturday, but never asked what it was about or how it went. I was a little hurt and thought about not telling him and just letting him come home to another girl in the house (as if four weren't enough!). But I was too excited not to tell someone. My friend didn't even know that I went for the interview since I didn't tell anyone that Laelia's parents and I were talking in case God had someone else to watch Laelia.
So I'm off. I haven't decided if I'm off to bed or off to clean. Maybe I'll flip a coin. Heads-go to bed. Tails-go to bed. If it lands on the edge standing up then I'll clean.

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That is awesome Jess :)