Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christ the Lord is risen today!

Well, two days ago anyway. Our Easter started on Saturday. I took someone I met on Thursday to the airport. Then the girls and I went to a babyshower. I hope the woman it was for feels blessed and realizes that we all care for her and would like to help. Her baby has what seems like very under-developed muscles due to something that happened in the womb and will probably never walk, though in the last five months (she's almost six months) she has made more progress than doctors ever said she would. It was fun to be a part of making her feel special and cared for. That night we had dinner with small group. Eric went, but was half-asleep the whole time. Poor guy.

Sunday I taught the little kids. Our church seperates the 2-preschoolers up into two to three groups. Then they rotate rooms for different activities. I teach the main bible lesson in one of the rooms so I see all the kids instead of staying with one group. Teaching them with their enthusiasm and hilarious little personalities really helped me remember that Easter isn't one more day to clean and cook for, clean up after and then forget. We had our family dinner over here, which is fun for the kids. My upstairs was off-limits-meaning a biohazard, but we have a whole toy room downstairs. We had the required egg hunt, no fights, and I did very little cleaning or cooking (Eric actually did most of it for our part). How much better can it get?

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