Monday, March 10, 2008

A normal but great day.

My day today. I got up at 0500-okay, 0504-and cleaned the downstairs. Or at least got it cleaner. I'm so not in love with this two story thing. I did that for an hour and a half and then read my bible. I started 1 Peter. We're going through a fantastic book in MOMS, Lisa Whelchel's Busy Mom's Guide To Bible Study. It's not a topical study like some other (fantastic) one's I've done. It's just different ways to look at God's word. One of my favorites is highlighting in different colors. I use the Crayola twistable colored pencils. They just don't make enough colors!

I put a bar stool together, got them up and fed and made lunch to go with us. Claire got to school and then we were off to church for work day. Somehow I ended up working in the men's bathroom. I have no clue how, but being there I did what I was told. Not only is it great to see the transition from old to fresh and new, I got to meet some of the ladies that came out to help us all the way from Texas. One's my age and in her third year of graduate school. Another's a sophomore undergrad. I loved talking with them about normal stuff. It kind of made me realize what I missed, or at least how it could be if you're not out partying you way through college. I just don't think I could give up the stepping in pee thanks to the potty-training two year old or looking for the teacher's book three minutes after we should have left for school or the teething.

Mondays I get to work in ClaireBeth's class. Sometimes I play games with the kids, others I paint. Today I was given the privilege of individually correcting the synopsis of Rumplestiltskin. Oh my goodness. Claire did the best job-judged by the teacher, not me-so she brought Bobby Bear home, which means more homework!

The real surprise was when I got home. One of the kids from one of my JROTC classes found me today, courtesy of Eric registering me on the Mt Miguel alumni website (thank you Honey). He was one of my babies, meaning I was good bit ahead of him. He's being commissioned (becoming an officer) in July. It's amazing how time passes you by.

Then dinner was bad, so we went out. Eric actually got to come with us! He goes to work at 0500 and most of the time doesn't get home until 7:30/8 if he comes home. Every fifth night he has duty. And this is a really great schedule compared to some he's had this last year.

I hear my bed calling, and I can tell how tired I am by reading this, it's more of a ramble than a well written narration. Oh well. Off to bed to start all over again tomorrow, with babysitting and a party thrown in just to make it interesting.


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