Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lord, why?

Yesterday, Tuesday, I found out that my new friend's husband had asked for a divorce. It's sad to see something that's supposed to be sacred fall apart. I watched her four children so that she could go to her mid-point ultrasound. There she found out that the baby most likely had Turner's syndrome (only 1 chromosome-X-or two X chromosomes with one of them being extremely abnormal) and that there was no heartbeat. The same day Eric was told that he's on a meritorious board for Staff Sergeant (early promotion because he's doing a good job if he's approved). This would of course help us quite a bit. I just wonder at the Lord's timing. As I'm trying to not get excited and assuming he'll get promoted-the last board had 12 slots for promotion, 10 men on the board and promoted 9 (one obviously did something wrong)-I'm trying to help through grieving and despair. Obviously all anyone can do is pray, which I'm actually rather clueless as to how to do. I'm hoping that we do a prayer study in bible study next. We haven't decided which one. I know some people love the Power of a praying . . . series, but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. I still haven't learned the basics. I was saved at four, and I think that was one of the worst things to happen to me. I never really learned what to do after that. Please don't take this out of context, I mean that I never learned how to actually have a relationship with God (see Hello are you there, last paragraph).

As to family life, everything is pushing along. Ziggy finally stopped peeing on the floor in protest of the big potty. She learned how to potty using a small potty seat on the big toilet. I got tired of having to wipe the seat everytime I took it off to pee, so they disappeared one day. Not really. They ended up in my bathtub to be cleaned until I had to take a shower and then sat on the counter for three days. Vee bit an eight-month-old today (she sure showed that baby sitting in his carseat not bothering her!). ClaireBeth is going to Disneyland and to stay with Auntie Mia for the weekend. I take her up Friday and Mia brings her back on Sunday. Mia is a good friend from high school and is dating my other good friend from high school, Charlie. Took them long enough. I told you about Eric, though he's as Eric-ish as ever. Some days it amazes me that we thought we were a good match. We are so different. Maybe it's the whole opposites attract thing. There's no other explanation. I'm usually exhausted by the end of the day and I have no clue. If you look around the house, you can tell I haven't gotten anything accomplished. It might be all the junk in the house and the fact that our place is always messy. Just by the time I can do anything about it (have you ever tried cleaning up Candyland with a 13 month old chewing on the red piece and fighting you for the Queen Frostine card. It's amazing how many cuss words there are in the vocabulary of someone who doesn't talk) I'm beat. Or maybe I'm lazy. Or both. On that note I'd better attempt to get something done. Eric's got duty tonight, so I don't have to go to bed at 7 to lay next to him while he snores, since that's about the only time I get with him some days. Wish me luck! Or maybe pray for me. Anything's gotta help at this point.

P.S. I'm going to Playhouse Cafe Mon at 1000 with a group of ladies. If you'd like to some let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess...Life definitely doesn't seem to make sense somedays...but, He does have a plan. I know that is easy to type and easy to say but I have experienced firsthand the crushing blow followed by the realization that it was for my own good. It didn't come easy, but it came, again in His time. (I can fill you in on that story one day...just ask :) Michell mentioned to me the Prayer that Changes Everything as an option for our next book..It is a book study more than a "Bible" study...So, let's see :) Praying for you and all you are handling...You are strong and God has put people in your life because He knows you can handle it! -Sarah (who can't figure out how to register on this site :)

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to see Zoey is using the facilities properly, and I bet that other child was messing with Vee.
I hope Eric gets the promotion, then maybe he can be a recruiter at Miami, U.
I think I am getting Claire a cell phone for her birthday so I can talk to her anytime I want!