Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, today's Saturday. The little girls are in their room. They're supposed to be sleeping, like that ever happens. Eric's at work. When does that not happen? I'm typing instead of cleaning. That always happens. ClaireBeth is at Disneyland and just had her picture taken with Ariel.

My friend Julia delivered the baby at 1 this morning. She held it and will have it buried in Virginia in one of the military cemeteries. An autopsy will be performed beforehand. They weren't able to tell the gender, but should find out during the autopsy. My friend Sarah found out she's having a girl! Miss Jane Anne. Two other people I know are pregnant. It's just babies all around. I don't even really mind that much. And definitely not as much as I could mind. I just like the delivery and naming them. I don't like the pregnancies all that much. I'm down to one in diapers except at night. One hopefully goes to preschool this year. I'm good. I do kind of miss nursing, but not really. It was such a habit and it feels odd that I can't soothe Vee like that anymore, but I'm glad to have my body back pretty much to myself.

Eric went to the battalion segment of the meritorious E-6 board and will proceed to the regimental board in April. He hasn't been told when it is (watch it's the day after our anniversary so he won't get any time to relax and won't be any fun) or how many are being promoted. It looks like there will be 12 Sgts competing on that board though. There are four companies in each battalion here. And three battalions in the regiment. For his battalion, there were 13 people, three from each of the other companies and then Eric from Delta. Four of them were selected. One company never showed up. So we'll wait and see where God has us go from here. Not that Eric would say that God had anything to do with it. Little does he know. For those of you that prayed for him, thank you.

Well, I hear little voices and big crashes coming from the room 10 feet to my left. I'd better go.

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