Friday, March 7, 2008

Introducing me. . .

Hi, I'm Jess.

I'm a wife of a Marine and mama to three young girls. Most important, I'm a Christian woman who is constantly trying to grow in the Lord, though sometimes I feel like the Christian life is harder than advanced trig. It's not, of course, it's usually just me being lazy, grumpy or complacent.

Mainly this blog's to re-think things a bit, vent a bit and see what I can learn about the computer when Eric's not saying "Get off the computer". HaHa! As you'll see, I'm almost computer illiterate. I can write e-mails and shop, that's about it.

My husband's a Marine and has been in for almost 6 years (yay pay increase!). He's a DI in San Diego, but we're from here, so the area's nothing new. As for my girl's, I've got a 5.5 year-old we call ClaireBeth, a 2.5 year-old named Zoe that we call Ziggy and a 13 month old called Vee (short for Veronica-we were avoiding Roni).

We'll see where this goes, and probably no one will read this. That's okay. My girls can read it in 20-30 years and realize what they put me through.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs! I used to blog all the really was a wonderful way to keep up with all my friends' lives. I look forward to reading about yours since we both seem to be so busy all the time. Love you! Mia

Beth said...

I haven't read every single entry yet (crap its after midnight!), but the ones I've read are good. You are funny! :) Its nice to "get to know you" a bit through reading about your life. Whenever I see you at church, its not always the best moment for in depth talks! :)

Keep on writing and I'll keep reading!