Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And the old becomes new

Okay, so I can't find the verse that inspired the title, but it's in there somewhere. If you know leave it in the comments section please. For Aprils Fools it was a great day. I got to go to my small group leader's house. She runs a daycare and so does her friend. They get together a lot so it's always fun when we go over there. She played jokes on the kids throughout the day, like jello instead of juice in their cups for snack and a meatloaf cake iced with pink mashed potatoes. Today the trip was to work on being prayer partners, something I've never done before. We worked out when we'd contact each other about our prayer needs. Not that we don't email each other when we can. I also spend at least the first half of the day trading emails with my other small group leader a day or two a week. Sometimes it's about something the group is doing soon, or today it started with the sling I'll make her for her baby girl Jane Anne. While we're trading sometimes odd remarks-usually on my part-she'll encourage me with something I needed help on. It's wonderful having these women to lift me up. I know God's prepping me for women that will need help from me.

On that note, I'm a welcomer, as it were, for One Hope (the meet-up; I figured I ought to mention it's name so I don't have to explain it all the time). I got to meet a woman who said she was looking for a friend, an encourager and just someone to stay apace with in God's word and world-my wording not hers. When she got here she said she didn't think it was the right time for a friendship. Either she didn't like me (the kitchen was pretty bad. I tried but just didn't get a chance to clean it) or she's scared of meeting people and getting close or something like that. She's moving really close to a small group, and maybe she doesn't want anything keeping her from fully submerging into that group when she finally goes. Or maybe I just suck. Who knows. If you think you know that answer and it is not positive in my favor please do not let me know.

As to the title of this post. I'm trying to learn new habits. After being a Christian for 20 years I'm hoping to finally learn to spend time with God. It's such an integral part of the relationship between God and man and I've been ignoring it because I've been lazy or would rather read a fun book than God's word. I've never made it past a week or so. Apparently it takes three weeks for a habit to not become a struggle and then three weeks for it to actually become a habit. Ughh. The only thing I've ever been for 6 consecutive weeks is fat, lazy or pregnant. And sometimes all three at once! I'm also trying to make new habits concerning the house and it's upkeep. I'm going insane and feeling miserable. I don't want the girls to feel this way when they're older. Unfortunately I'm their biggest role-model. I wonder who's bright idea that was. He tells us that he puts us where he wants us and where we need to be. That doesn't help me much. I couldn't tell you what I actually think about that statement, as in what I think is wrong with it, just it sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. Maybe because I don't know what on earth he would want to use me for and I don't see what use I can be to anyone. So I'll pray some more. I do know my bedroom needs me, even if I don't know who else does. So I'm off to clean. Eric said he'd be home late tonight (it's already 8, does it really get any later?) but he started breaking up so for all I know it was an April fools joke and I didn't hear that part. Better not chance it though.

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Anonymous said...

Here are your choices: 1-- clean the house consistantly while the kids are in front of the TV, messing up the room your not in, hitting each other or just creating havoc elsewhere. 2-- Spend time with your kids, teach them, play with them, love them, encourgae them and spend as much time as you can with them. Oh yeah, while your having all that fun, you can pick up a few things, do a little laundry and make dinner.
The bottom line is, your house will always need cleaning, your laundry pile will always be high, your girls will only be young once.
I had a clean house and worked full time and spent very little time with my boys. My focus was misdirected and I wish I could change that. I wish I could spend more time with the girls and hate missing them growing up, but I call and talk to them and hope that they remember me and I spoil the crapt out of them, because I can.
You do fine. If someone judges you because your house is messy, tough. I am sure there is something in the bible that says that (maybe not in so many words). Just be proud that you have the cutest, smartest, well behaved girls in the world (oh yeah and Eric).
You are who you are and they can take it or leave it!!!