Friday, April 11, 2008


It's Friday and I need to be leaving for Beth Moore in an hour. I'm excited. I also just did two days at my church with WIRED through Lifeway. It was a conference for women who are looking to expand and improve their ministry. To be honest, I don't have a ministry. I don't know what my regular gifts are, let alone my God-given Spirit anointed ones are (when you accept Christ as your savior you are given gifts or areas where you excel), not that regular gifts aren't God given too. I went anyway, mainly so I could help out, spend time with adults not covered in baby spit and not have to figure out what to feed the girls every ten minutes. While I do things in the church-teach the children which is a big responsibility and co-plan extracurricular activities for our MOMS group-I'm not sure that's where I'm supposed to be. I'm not sure how to put it. So I'll keep praying about it.

I went to Emerging culture which was about reaching out to the new generation of people in an effort to show them how much God loves them. It was a little weird because it's my generation they were talking about. But people from the last three generations could probably say that too. Michelle Hicks was the speaker and she was fantastic.

Today I went to Ministering to women in crisis. I thought it would be about abortions and drug use and more "sinful" things than it was. A lot of it was about the crisis of a loved one, either sudden or drawn out, abuse, divorce, more domestic things. Divorce has always seemed so common it's hard to think of it as a crisis. Death just hasn't struck me close enough for the feelings to leave a mark. My uncle died almost two years ago, but my aunt had such wonderful people helping take care of her that I just felt the loss of him, not the emotional overload of having to help someone. Abuse no one talks about, I don't know anyone that admits to being abused. However I did learn quite a bit. Leighann McCoy has a book that I'd like to buy but can't find called Pray Right. I'll have to look some more. So I'm off to get the girls dressed so they can go to Cecil's and I can go to Beth Moore. I made sure to take all of my make-up off so I won't look like a raccoon. I'll tell you how it went tomorrow.

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