Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Morning.

Goodness, well my tomorrow from the 11th is the 16th . Sorry. Beth Moore was fantastic, though a little rushed at the end. Being women, who talk a lot, the speaker spoke a lot. It was a great lesson and being with that many women-over 9,000-who love God was phenomenal.

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary, which means we started dating 7 1/2 years ago. Oh my goodness. I met a friend for lunch yesterday and I'm like "Did you realize we're getting old?" He's three years older then me so he can understand how I feel. But most 24 year-olds don't have three kids-the oldest getting close to 6-with the same father either.

As for lately, we're here. Ziggy has some tummy problems, Vee's diaper rash is finally clearing up (is teething pain and rashes God's curse for the fall for babies like labor pains and monthly girl issues are for women? I really can't imagine it was supposed to be like this in Eden.) I found out that ClaireBeth loves to write. Well, she likes to compose. She hates writing what she's told to write. Like her bible verses for AWANA. She loves learning them and is great at it, but to have her sit down to write them out-it's a good way to learn them and improves her writing-and she'll be there for an hour writing two verses. I've had to start setting the timer. The timer is used a lot around here to get things done that certain people may be dawdling on. Maybe I should use the timer on myself! I just don't know how to discipline myself if I don't get it done. Speaking of which, I'm off to clean my upstairs hallway. It looks like a hurricane came through, including the water if you look after bath time.

P.S. I did my laundry that way again and it worked great. I'll have to see if it works when you do laundry less than two weeks apart now.

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Anonymous said...

Eric would take hours to do his homework. He would fight and fight and throw a huge fit, everyday!
I on the other hand, do my homework everynight! I got an A on my Math test (it took me 1 1/2 hours to do, but I only missed one!. My next classes are International business and Economic Theory. I am so NOT looking forward to that.
Hope you get your laundry done, mine is!!! HA HA HA