Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My friend Julia told me today that she named her baby Lily. They told her they won't do an autopsy because she didn't make it to 20 weeks. A baby born at 20 weeks will probably not live, but there's just something about the halfway mark that they stick to. At 20 weeks you go to labor and delivery as opposed to the ER if something happens. 20 weeks is the earliest for a lot of things. But she picked Lily because it means pure, which this child is. She never had something bad happen to her to make her bitter or scarred. She never sinned. Don't mis-understand me, as a human she had a sin nature. It was just never given in to. I say she. They think it was a girl. Physically they said it looked like it probably was. And since they won't do an autopsy, Julia is just going with the fact that she felt like it was a girl during her pregnancy. I saw Lily's footprints today. I looked at pictures too. There was one with a hand and arm draped over some one's finger and a similar one with her legs. Those weren't too bad. There was a whole body picture that was more difficult to see. She was 2 ounces and 6 1/2 inches long. Don't worry, I won't go into anymore detail. But Julia was given a memory box with wristbands and a blanket and the like and a comfort cub, which is really heavy for a teddy so we're assuming it's supposed to be as heavy as a baby. It had a card attached that was very sweet. They're moving to Virginia on Sunday so they have a place to be while waiting for the divorce to happen. It's sad but God is in charge no matter how bad things seem. Tests are to bring us closer to Him.

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Wow, that is so sad.