Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm still alive, I just haven't felt the urge to sit down and blog. I still spend plenty of time in front of the computer (I just joined Facebook and look through ebay even though I know I won't buy anything.) I've been busy, but not super busy. I just haven't blogged.

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to a birthday party at Admiral Baker Field. It's a campground/ picnic/golf course. I parked, found the party and then saw the other parking lot someone had told me about. So I decided to move the car. Now over close to where I had first parked there's a sign saying softball field, park at own risk. So I parked a few rows away from it. No problem. Well to get to the other lot you have to drive between the golf course and the picnic area. Can you guess what happened next? As I was driving along in my mom-mobile, listening to big girl music-as opposed to Pa Grape singing "Zaccheus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he!"-a golf ball hit my windshield. Yup! It was a pretty good swing, too. It cracked all the way through and I have glass all over the driver's side dash board and carpet. The road curves and I just happened to be in the path off a ball that was hit off the green, off the course and into my car. The first thing I did, since the gentleman was responsible enough to come over to the 3 foot fence that is supposed to protect hapless bystanders like myself, was tell him that that was why I didn't golf. I was supposed to pick up Eric at Camp Pendleton, they're up there for Crucible week, and had to call him and tell him what happened. If I hadn't had to pick him up, I might not have told him. He's there until Thursday and would have never known. The worst part is that he thought I parked next to the golf course. It took like two minutes when he got home for me to convince him I was driving. I asked him how many guys he had told that his Dang wife had parked next to a golf course and had her car hit. He told me a few. So I'm thinking great, this will never be lived down while we're stationed here. He's mad enough at the other guy that hit the ball that he might tell people it wasn't my fault.

I was afraid I was going to get pulled over and be stuck on the side of the road until I could get the windshield fixed, which if I have to pay for it and be reimbursed won't be until Wednesday, which is payday or how long it would take to get cash out of the cash account. I'm hoping I can have the glass place bill the insurance to keep it busy until then so I can get it done today. At least the other guy has the same insurance company. He's like "I can't believe that just happened. This is the worst." And all I said was "Oh, no, something else a lot worse could have happened." And unfortunately it's true. I know God will provide for us. I just don't like waiting for God. I guess that's that patience thing I keep hearing tell of.

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