Thursday, April 3, 2008

I HATE laundry.

I do. Last week I separated out all of the hanging stuff and washed that by itself. It was a big help. I've always separated the jeans and the towels from shirts and stuff. My mother-in-law doesn't and it drives me crazy. Let's wash our lacy undies with our jeans and a silk shirt (love you Andrea:). I've had to throw away some of ClaireBeth's clothes after she came home because there was no way she was leaving the house in those. But then again my mother-in-law's laundry is always done instead of sitting there for a week untouched. But I digress. This time I separated the folding stuff even more. I'm washing all the undies (underwear in Eric's case) and socks by themselves so I don't have to deal with them when I'm folding everything. Hopefully this helps. How do 5 (4 really since you almost can't even say that Eric lives here) people make so much laundry? It must be one of the mysteries of the universe, one of the things we'll ask God when we get to heaven, like is time travel ever going to be possible and when you do do the laundry, where do all of the socks go.


Sarah Boscia said...

Amen sister I hear ya! I just emptied out all of my laundry sorters. I am going to let them stay empty for about an hour so I feel like I have tackle Mt. Washmore, as you put it the other day, before I reload all the sorters with the laundry from my bedroom floor. Yeah still trying to figure out how the laundry reproduces. I think they are asexual creatures.

Anonymous said...

I personally wash my delicates seperate when I am at home. I did not think I ruined any of Claire's clothes when she was here. I wash all me towels seperate from my other clothes. Oh well, I buy Claire enough clothes, I guess I can ruin a few.
I also can account for all my socks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, my laundry is done and put away!!!!!!