Monday, June 2, 2008

The good things about not sharing a bed.

So Eric went back to work this week and won't be home until at least Friday. There are some advantages to this, like not having to share the bed.

*I can leave my bible study stuff out and open next to me for when I wake up.

*I can use all the blankets I want because the Human Heater isn't next to me yelling "It's burning up!!!!!"

*I don't have to walk around the bed to go to the bathroom. Even when I was pregnant Eric always ended up closer to the bathroom.

*No one else is going to complain about the cracker crumbs left by the girls when they were watching a movie.

*I only have to clear off the floor on one side of the bed.

*I can turn the TV off without someone waking up and turning it back on for the noise.

*I can have drinks on both nightstands with no questions as to how many cups I need in one room, now that I have a nightstand. Eric won that battle until we moved down here and we bought a new bedroom set. I traded the dresser mirror for a second nightstand.

*I don't have to worry about how bad my morning breath is.

*I don't have to worry about how bad his morning breath is.

*I don't have to kick anyone that I can't lift out of my bed on the off chance that I want to make the bed.

*Since the TV is in our room and we usually watch a movie before we go to bed (we don't have channels) I can watch whatever I like. Yea!!! No more Adam Sandler!!!

Check back later for Why it's great not to have to share a bathroom. Just kidding, that's probably what he would have posted when I went to Alabama!

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Beth said...

Yes, please do write about how its great not to share a bathroom! Sharing a bathroom makes me bananas. I often wish I had a bathroom that was JUST FOR ME. lol But like you had mentioned to me before, it would be another toilet to clean. *sigh*