Friday, June 13, 2008

Veezee Bee

Since I wrote about Ziggy on her birthday I'll write about Vee now. Vee's 16 months old. Actually she hit 16 months the same day Ziggy turned three as they're 20 months apart exactly. I remember waking up that morning at a quarter to 4 and saying "Okay God, we might as well have her today. It will be easy to remember and they'll all end in zeros. Let's go, let's go, let's go." He laughed at me and let me wait almost 13 hours before I had her. I had been hoping for January 20th. It was 4 weeks early but as long as she was healthy that fit in the pattern, all starting with Js and having a 10, a 20 and a 30. Am I the only one who notices patterns like that? Sometimes I feel like Harold Crick in Stranger Than Friction just not as good at math.

So Vee. She has light brown hair and huge brown eyes that look like they're going to change to hazel. My eyes went from chocolate brown the hazel when I was 5. Eric's eyes went from blue to blue/green (like ClaireBeth's) when he was 14. So who knows when they'll change. She's a petite little thing that still wears 12 month clothes and she's not growing out of them any time soon. As to her personality, she is something else. Definitely the baby in the family in that if one of us sits down she considers us her personal furniture. At this point she will first attempt a warning push to claim her rightful spot. If that doesn't work she'll get physical, which of course is stopped right away. Her temper is starting to get the best of her. I'm not sure what happened. One day she was the typical sweet little cuddly baby and now she's the rotten little typical toddler. I missed the transition. Vee started walking at 9 months before she was really self-assertive. Now she's called The Boss by some of the nursery workers at church and she thinks it's true.

Don't get me wrong, she's a sweetie. She helps clean, she likes My Little Ponies and will put princess mega blocks on top of cars and drive them around. She loves singing and dancing and bubbles. She's a typical toddler. I just haven't actually wanted to realize it yet.
The bestest birthday presents ever!

Gee and me

Playtime with Daddy
Future beauty queen. Where's my tiara?
You can't prove this is Sissy's chair!

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Sarah Boscia said...

Jessica maybe it's and Anderson thing with the number thing. Mike has this whole thing with the kiddo's birthday and numbers.