Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I recant!

Please, name your children anything you want. Maybe then we won't all name our kids the same thing. I typed in Claire Elizabeth just for fun and was astounded at the number of returns. Veronica Lizette wasn't as bad at least, though I'm surprised at how many people spelled it wrong like Eric did. For Zoe Isabel I found someone who named their gerbils Zoe and Isabel, along with all the little girls with the same name. I wonder how she'll feel about that. I thought it was funny when I found someone who had named their cat Jessica. Oh my poor darling daughters. I was hoping to save them all from the sadness of being lost in the crowd even in their own classroom and of course the using of the deplorable last initial. Oddly enough, though, ClaireBeth is the only one in her school with our last name. For our last name that is really surprising.

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