Thursday, June 5, 2008

You'll never guess what I'm doing!!

I'm cleaning my bedroom and bathroom! Poor Eric came home last night. I wasn't expecting him until at least Friday. And you could tell by the house. The hallway upstairs can't even be walked through. You have to hop. Vee crawls and I keep an eye on her in case she gets buried. My suitcase is still in our room. At this rate I might as well leave it out until I go to Ohio. My bathroom had so much hair on the counter you could have made a Locks For Love wig. So my room's close to clean, just have to dust and dump the girls' stuff in their rooms and vacuum. YEA!! The bathroom needs the toilet and floors scrubbed. If you're asking, "Well, why aren't you doing it?", it's because I'm stalling, duh! The worst part is that I worked (for the most part) through like 3 hours of Harry Potter trying to get it done. Well, off I go to contemplate finishing. But then again C.S. Lewis's A Horse And His Boy seems more fun.

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